Xen of Neuvana vagus nerve stimulating earbuds

Neuvana’s Xen vagus nerve stimulating earbuds

There are difficult moments where we all search for ways of reducing our anxiety. But I’m not sure I’m happier than pandemic baking while zapping my ore with electrical signals.

Neuvana hopes that at least some of us can try out new technologies to relieve tension. I am not calling into question the power of vagus nerve stimulation — a lot of research is ongoing that includes therapies for epilepsy and depression – only if it is really something I would like to do in my house. The Xen of Neuvana company is telling you that it sends an electro-small signal to the vagus nerve “to bring you calmer, boosted mood, and better sleep.”

Neuvana’s Xen vagus nerve stimulating earbuds

Xen of Neuvana

Xen of Neuvana is an inventor of more than 100 patents and currently chief of cardiovascular surgery at Boca Raton regional hospital, the brainspired and science-focused Xen of Neuvana is the brainchild of Richard Cartledge m.d. FACS. Dr. Cartledge became excited about improving well-being and searching for ways to make the advantages of VNS accessible to all after the publication of many research in the scientific world over the years. Xen of Neuvana sends a gentle, soothing electric signal through specially crafted earpieces, in a form factor that is easily identifiable, to part of the vago nerve in the ear. Xen can be used before and after the activity for balancing and promoting wellness.

What is the Vagus Nerve and What Does it Do?

The vagus nerve acts as a communication superhighway from the brain to most major organs in the body. Through stimulation, the vagus nerve activates the parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and digest” functions of the body) and may promote a calm, positive mood. When toned or strengthened regularly just like a muscle, the functions of the vagus nerve can be amplified – potentially bringing on feelings of calmness, enhanced focus and a boosted mood. Stimulating this wellness pathway may balance breathing, enhance sleep and improve digestion. When the parasympathetic nervous system functions at a higher level, a person’s ability to react to situations in a calm, relaxed manner may often increase.

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