WhatsApp’s New Update Raises Alarm

Some Major Points About whatsapp changing Policy

On February 8, 2021, WhatsApp will implement its revised privacy policy and service terms. Users will be asked to approve the updates on their devices or to uninstall their accounts to continue using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp started sending users in-app updates of policy and service changes, suggesting user data would be shared with Facebook, its parent company.

WhatsApp has requested users to approve changes to its terms of service and privacy policy which come into effect on February 8, or to remove their accounts. The message reveals significant improvements in how WhatsApp gathers and manages information from users and collaborations with its parent company, Facebook, within the context of a broader convergence drive between the device families.

On January 8th 2020, however, a few users received the Whatsapp update.

After Whatsapp told people of the latest update, people began to doubt their data privacy.

The news has raised questions about how much data Facebook can access as the app now allows e-commerce and financial transactions.


To be sure, the policy of WhatsApp has always been that it exchanges information with Facebook. But there is a big difference in the new update.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp faces questions about privacy. When it turned out in 2019 that hackers were able to use the framework to spy on target users using spyware ‘Pegasus,’ it was a big problem worldwide, including in India.

Since 2016, however, the WhatsApp has allowed encryption from bottom to bottom that does not allow WhatsApp to read the message and call content.

How is the latest Whatsapp update different?

While Whatsapp has raised its eyebrows in recent years, its last policy version from July 2020 and the version earlier in December 2019 says: “WhatsApp collects information from the Facebook family of companies and shares information with them. The data we collect from them can be used and the knowledge we exchange with them can be used to help us run our services and their products, develop, understand, customise, support and sell.”

Both these regulation variants however had a section saying, “To boost Facebook advertising and products experiences, you can opt out of sharing your WhatsApp account information with Facebook. For current users who approve our revised Terms and Privacy Policy, there will be another 30 days to choose from Settings > Account.”

Whatsapp deleted the portion where a person would opt out of the update for the most recent update.

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