Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Smart Grilling Hub

The Weber connect smart grilling hub is your secret element to flawlessly grilled food. The smart grilling hub a step-by-step grilling assistant that sends notifications without delay to your phone on the whole lot from a meals readiness countdown, to while it’s time to flip & serve. All it takes is a look at your cellphone to know that the whole lot is on track & grilling to perfection.

Smart Grilling Hub

Weber invented a $130 tool that attaches for your grill and syncs together with your smartphone so you can better screen the temperature and done-ness of your meat and veggies. That means notifications and data through a Weber app. If you dub your self a “grill master” while using it, that does remember as cheating. However, the meals will speak for itself.


  • Compatible with any grill
  • Flip and serve notifications
  • Select doneness (medium-rare steak) and receive alerts when ready
  • Food readiness countdown and estimated cook time
  • Step-by-step assistance from setup to when it’s time to eat
Smart Grilling Hub

The Smart Grilling Hub Difference

The Proof is within the Technology

Smart Grilling Hub

Weber Connect leverages the most advanced smart cooking technology on the market along with over 70 years of grilling expertise.

WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled

Smart Grilling Hub

Compatible with each WiFi and Bluetooth for brought convenience and connection reliability.

Monitors up to 4 Pieces of Food at Once

Smart Grilling Hub

The four meat probe capacity lets in you to screen up to 4 food objects at once. Easily personalize cook dinner settings for special cuts or sorts of meat.

Step-by-Step Grilling Assistance

Smart Grilling Hub

Receive step by step grilling assistance on everything from grill setup to whilst food is ready to flip, serve, and eat.

Food Readiness Countdown

Smart Grilling Hub

View a countdown that tracks meal progression based totally on time and temperature. Never bet whilst dinner could be ready

Flip and Serve Notifications

Smart Grilling Hub

Receive notifications when food is prepared to flip and is an appropriate temperature to serve.

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