Waterlily Turbine-Portable Power Source Using Wind or Water

WATERL~1Going for an outdoor adventure lets you to relax by switching off from the digital world, however in this modern age one may need to share his story to the social media. Low battery may stop this luxury, but there are plenty of devices that may help you to provide an extra juice for your phone or other devices. These emergency charging devices range from rugged solar charger to well-known BioLite Stove. Among these Seaformatics’ Waterlily Turbine is a portable device that can harness power for your smartphone and other devices when you are far away from grid for an adventure.

Best Portable Power Source  for Off-grid Use:

Waterlily is a good companion for hikers, campers, survivalists, k and other adventurers as it keeps their USB devices charged. It is a dual power-harvester which provides energy to your phone, mp3 and other USB devices using water or wind.

It’s lightweight and small, weighing only 1.8 pounds and with dimensions as 7 inches in diameter and 3 inches in width, so can easily be kept into a backpack for hiking or camping trip.


The turbine can be placed into running water, whether it’s a running river or just a stream to provide a power-lift to your smart phone or other gadgets. Turbine works with water speeds ranging between 0.6 mph to 6.8 mph, but gives maximum output at 4.5 mph. The turbine is coupled to a cable that anchors it to the shoreline while it floats in the current.

What if one founds neither Wind nor Water?

If weather is calm and there is no river near, Seaformatics is working on adding a hand crank to the kit, so that you can generate your own power The company also says it’s working on a bike mount and a tow cable, so the Waterlily can be dragged behind a canoe or kayak. There is no limit on the submersion time of the device as it is resistant to ocean corrosion. Moreover the product is the best for outdoor use even superior then solar gadgets because it may be used at the night and in any weather and anywhere.

Waterlily Turbine in Action:

Where to Buy?

Seaformatics is now taking pre-orders for Waterlily, which they say will be ready to be shipped to early birds this August. Initially the orders will cost US$99, however after April the price may jump up to $149. You can pre-order at Seaformatics’ official website.

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