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On January 15, Vaio returns to India. The new Vaio laptops can be purchased via Flipkart in the region. The brand once had become successful in the Indian market because of its sleek and colourful laptops, although it left the country silently some years ago. Nexsto Company, which also sells laptops for Avita in India and world markets, revives the Vaio Brand through a licencing agreement with Vaio Corporation in Japan. Vaio laptops in Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Middle East are already being made, distributed, commercialised and served.


TruePerformance VAIO
By expanding the high performance capabilities over a long period by growing the PCU power limit and reducing thermal efficiency, VAIO® TruePerformance brings “Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0” into the next stage.

Vaio laptops are called “premium, smart,” which enter the Indian market and provide “exceptional” quality. The company however did not announce its new models’ specifications or features.

Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Manager of Southern Asia Vaiho, told us in a press release, that the brand is back to its features. “We’re looking forward to being the best choice for laptop buyers across the world.


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