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iGrow Hair Growth System

Price: $195

Product description

Give yourself the hair (and the confidence) you’ve always wanted with the iGrow Hair Growth System. This incredible device works with Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) which combines red laser and LED light diodes. This technology stimulates and energizes cellular activity on your scalp. The result? The iGrow Hair Growth System helps to grow your natural hair. It works because it invigorates the hair follicle and, over four to six months, you’ll notice quite the difference. Not only will your hair grow again, but it will also be healthier, thicker, and fuller than before. This superb system includes Volumizing Shampoo as well as Xcellerate Conditioner to get you the hair you want. The iGrow Hair Growth System is hands-free and fully adjustable and even has an MP3 interface module.Make sure to get one now, currently it’s at its best price. Read more..








2: Anova Nano Compact Sous Vide


Introducing the Anova Nano Compact Sous Vide. You may remember its predecessor for its ground-breaking technology. This new model is equally ground-breaking with its compact size and ease of use (and wallet-friendly price tag). The process of putting food inside a bag and simmering in hot water produces a stunningly delicious meal. With this compact device, you can now do it in virtually any container. Complete with Bluetooth, you can access recipes from Anova as well as keep a keen eye on your food as it cooks. The device itself features an easy to read screen to keep you informed. Channel your inner Gordon Ramsey and produce great tasting food with the Anova Nano Compact Sous Vide. Read more..








3: Aire Personal Digestive Tracker


Product description

Tracking your digestive system just got a whole lot easier with the Aire Personal Digestive Tracker. This compact but powerful breath test device will solve digestion problems once and for all. In addition, you can use this tracker for finding the best food compatible with your digestive system. You just have to breathe into it and that’s just about it. The tracker passes information to the app. First, the app finds out how your gut responds to some very common carbohydrates like fructose and lactose. Second, it creates a custom diet for you. Finally, it tracks your food intake, stress levels and more factors for a proper digestion analysis. Bottomline, this digestive tracker is here to solve the problem once and for all.Read more..







4: Airmeup Outdoor Inflatable Mattress


Production description

Have a great place to sleep anywhere you go when you have the Airmeup Outdoor Inflatable Mattress. Unlike traditional mattresses, this rugged air mattress requires no electricity to pump. Instead, the Airmeup Mattress comes with a Pump Sack. Innovative and easy, you simply attach the Pump Sack to the valve. The sack automatically stores air inside. As you roll the sack, it pushes air into the mattress. Impressively simple, the Airmeup Mattress takes just one minute to inflate, all without foot pumps, reliance on wind, or your breath. The Airmeup Mattress features 9cm mattress cushions for total comfort whether you’re at the beach or a rough campsite terrain. Carrying on the theme of simplicity, the Pump Sack also doubles as a waterproof carrying bag for the mattress or your gear. When it’s time to go, just fold up the deflated mattress and put it inside the Pump Sack. Read more..

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