Truly Remarkable smart pad Remarkable 2

A truly Remarkable smart pad

Late in 2017, I was one of the first buyers of a genius electronic style and pad in Norway to recreate the sensation of writing on paper and throw your scribbles into the cloud. A life-changer was remarkable. It was beneficial every day to have access to my written notes immediately and to have them properly filed. There’s now a new noteworthy product that I seldom realise is so extensive improved on an already magnificent product.The rates from their initial £579 are now much smaller than those of their original pad. And the 3 physical buttons on the bottom, too easy to use while you are writing accidentally, are RIP. The finger swip now takes effect, for example flicking through pages. At most, just turn the pen down and use the other hand, like an eraser, to delete an error. The Extraordinary 2 can also be done as a PDF reader. And my documents were seamless to move from version one to two. The old Remarkable’s pages all seemed like mystical about the new.

remarkable 2.0


1.The only tablet like paper
2.Take handwritten notes, read documents and study them.
3.A screen which looks like a document
4.Convert your manuscript to text
5.Take notes for PDFs directly
6.Eye-catching reading
7.All your notes on all computers arranged and available


Remarkable 2, £399

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