Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Travelmate robot suitcase is the first real robot accomplice and fully self-sustaining suitcase. Travelmate robot suitcase works seamlessly in crowds and does not require any extra peripherals. Travelmate robot suitcase can move vertically and horizontally when autonomous.

You can take TravelMate robot suitcase with you when you’ll at the airport, commuting to paintings or just strolling outside. Travelmate robot suitcase will fit your speed accurately and might cross as fast as 6.seventy five mph. For more details, please check our presentation below.

Travelmate navigates large crowds and is able to recognize and keep away from objects as needed. As you could see in the video above, our suitcase is not only a concept – it’s far a real working version and all of the capabilities verified already work on the Travelmate autonomous robotic suitcase.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Travelmate is a fully working prototype. There are currently 3 different suitcase models, ranging from carrying on size to a large suitcase. Our goal is to make Travelmate practical, innovative, and to bring the future to you.

Travelmate is not simply a regular suitcase — it is a self-sufficient robotic accomplice that follows you anywhere you go and makes traveling a whole lot easier. Our suitcase is smart sufficient to constantly comply with you and keep away from any boundaries in its way.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Travelmate is perfect for any situation. It can bring your stuff for you when you’ll work, walking to school, or rushing to the airport gate. Smart features like Omni wheels and our Follow Me machine means that Travelmate is at the cutting fringe of AI and self-sufficient motion technology.

The Follow Me system has integrated sensors that discover as properly as to avoid barriers like humans and furniture. It uses the Travelmate utility to observe you and to better pinpoint its vicinity in any respect times.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase Features

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

In addition to fully self-sustaining horizontal and vertical modes, the Travelmate has a variety of useful capabilities that other suitcases do now not have. The battery that powers Travelmate can be without problems eliminated and is charged with wi-fi technology. The battery may be used to rate nearly all electronics through a USB port and a standard electric outlet.

In addition, the Travelmate suitcase features particular Omni wheels that allow for remarkable multi-directional movement. This is vital for independent technology. Since the suitcase functions as a robotic in practice, it makes use of AI and device gaining knowledge to optimize its movements and Omni wheels permit for markedly increased stability and range of movement that can not be performed otherwise.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

The Travelmate’s autonomous capability is unmatched and would not require any more peripherals. All you want is the suitcase and your smartphone. Travelmate will observe you anyplace you go. Whether you’re at the airport, going to work, or going to school; the Travelmate suitcase assists you to carry baggage in a wide type of situation.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Travelmate has a battery existence of four hours when in fully self-sufficient mode and up to a hundred hours in stand via the mode. The electric-powered motor and internal components that enable self-reliant functionality to take up nearly no space in the suitcase, accounting for less than 5% of the suitcase’s volume.

Multi-colored LED lights are a feature of all Travelmate fashions and signify your suitcase’s battery level. You can personalize or turn off all LED lighting fixtures through the Travelmate application.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

The Travelmate suitcase functions handy directional indicators that display you exactly where it’s going in any respect times. This is much like turn indicators in cars. We’ve also brought a speaker in order to tell you of barriers and the suitcase’s location – this feature is completely non-compulsory and you can turn it on or off within the Travelmate application.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

In addition to autonomy, we’ve got tried to distinguish ourselves with convenient functions that most other clever suitcases do no longer have. The Travelmate has unique take care of that will become a transportable table that you can use for laptops, books, documents, and lots of other things.

In addition, the Travelmate has an easily handy separate compartment that allows you to shop valuables that you might need to take out of the suitcase. This compartment is perfect for things like passports and portable electronics.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase wheel

Travelmate is fully TSA compliant and our suitcase sizes are standardized. The smallest Travelmate is carry on sized and suits the specs of all important airlines’ requirements for carrying on specifications. The Travelmate has a touch-enabled lock system that makes use of your fingerprint to open your suitcase. In order to comply with TSA guidelines, we’ve also protected a mechanism to manually open the suitcase. You can constantly upload a separate lock to your suitcase for extra security.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase keychain

Travelmate consists of a GPS chip that allows orient the suitcase and lets in you to recognize the region of the suitcase always with the Travelmate cellphone application. You can eliminate the GPS chip and use it for other suitcases or attach it to different things that are effortlessly lost.

Most other smart suitcases have GPS integration, but none of them permit you to put off it effortlessly. We will also consist of two more GPS chips in all Travelmate models so you can simply song your belongings.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

All Travelmate fashions will consist of an integrated scale so that it will as it should measure the weight of your suitcase’s contents. You’ll never worry about over-packing due to the fact Travelmate will conveniently display the suitcase’s weight. You can transfer among Kilograms or Pounds through the Travelmate application.

The Travelmate independent suitcase is fully practical and we’ve full app integration ready. Travelmate will constantly enhance through machine learning. This is performed by importing movement data routinely to the Travelmate application; your suitcase will basically end up smarter and smarter as time is going on and extra humans have Travelmate suitcases.

You can disable this option in the app if you want to. After it releases, we’ve got plans to replace the free Travelmate application regularly to improve and add features. Eventually, we need to upload things like journey suggestions, airport information, airport gate information, and much extra to the application.

Travelmate As A Robot Partner

The substantial majority of our team includes robotics specialists and that is very evident while you have a look at the Travelmate’s features. It’s some distance greater than only a suitcase. Travelmate has incorporated adaptive AI that is aware of where it is going at all times and adjusts its motion on the fly. Some examples of other practical packages for the Travelmate are the use of it as a guide for those who are visually impaired or as a robot friend who can respond to easy commands.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

You can also mount a digital camera to the Travelmate which can be incredibly useful while you do not have anyone else to a movie you. We’re also adding virtual fact integration to the Travelmate so that humans can come with you for your adventures. Our aim for Travelmate is for it to eventually emerge as the primary widely to be had and low-cost robot companion.

The Travelmate application is essential for this. We’re working difficult to make it easy to use and feature-rich. We suppose that the first-rate manner to make certain that your Travelmate continually improves is to offer you the freedom to do something you want with it.

That’s why we are making Travelmate open source so that everybody can take a look at the underlying software program and make improvements or suppose up of new capabilities. This way, you may add new functions for your Travelmate by looking through network mods that human beings have evolved for the Travelmate utility.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Travelmate is continuously evolving and has real artificial intelligence. This is a primary for clever suitcases. Travelmate is sincerely self-reliant and improves by looking at data from all different Travelmate suitcases to improve its movement, actions, and reaction time. This important has been applied before to different technology like Tesla cars, but we are the first to do it for suitcases.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Since Travelmate is autonomous, you may even use it as an impromptu protection guard. If you connect a digicam to it, you may leave it to patrol your private home even if you’re not there. There is endless ability to put into effect more capabilities like this and that is why we call Travelmate a robot companion.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Virtual Reality And Camera Integration

We’ve protected the amount in all Travelmate suitcases which will assist you to attach cameras or virtual fact equipped cameras to the suitcase. Because of this, you could use the Travelmate as your digital camera operator. This is perfect for video running a blog or for recording yourself and your surroundings.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase

You can connect a 360 diploma VR camera on your Travelmate

• Make VR geared up video blogs. You no longer want to maintain something in your palms to film your self and your surroundings. Travelmate takes a full landscape of your existence and follows you everywhere.

• Interact with your friends and convey them alongside you. Attaching a digicam to the Travelmate will allow you to take your pals with you anywhere you go.


Travelmate Robot Suitcase

Currently, we’re planning on releasing three one-of-a-kind models, which basically differ simplest in phrases of size. You’ll additionally be capable of customizing the coloration of your suitcase. Since this suitcase is your tour mate, you could call it through the Travelmate app and it’ll show up on the suitcase’s display.

  • Travelmate S: The best carry on suitcase ever.

The S model is perfect for any situation and is sized to comply with all carry on specifications. This means that you can take it with you when you board a plane instead of checking it at the airline’s kiosk.


Inches: 21.7 x 7.9 x 15.7
Centimeters: 55 x 20 x 40

  • Travelmate M: medium-sized and perfect for traveling.

The aptly named M model is medium-sized and is great for road trips, flights, and everyday situations. It’s a jack of all trades and is great for most vacations.


Inches: 27.2 x 11.4 x 19.3
Centimeters: 69 x 29 x 49

  • Travelmate L: Large and unapologetic about it.

The L model is the largest model that we have. It’s perfect if you’re planning on a long trip or even for moving. If you can’t decide on what to take with you, then why not take it all with the L model?


Inches: 29.5 x 12.2 x 20.5
Centimeters: 75 x 31 x 52

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