Toyota Human Support Robot- A helping Robot for Elderly

Toyota, auto manufacturing company, is now looking ahead to help the disable and old age people. The Toyota Motors is going to spend 1 billion dollars in order to develop Human Support Robot (HSR)-a robot for elderly. The robot is designed to assist the sick and people in wheelchair by helping to pick and carry objects.



Kouichi lkeda, engineer at Toyota, says; its challenging to bow down and grab things for people having weakness in spinal cord and we are going to provide them a helper a their home. People feel easy in asking a robot to do a job for them instead of a human assistant, he added. Such a robot is also ideal to switch the use of service dogs which are specially trained to help disable people, he said.

Why we need robots?

According to the researchers in the next 10 years approximately 60% of the world population would be over 60 years old and they will need artificial intelligence and helping robots for their daily life like carrying objects and driving etc.

Toyota Human Support Robot Features:

  • Compact Structure:

In comparison with other robots HSR seems compact but it is extendable. The robot has height ranging from 3ft to approximately 5ft with approximately 14.5 inch diameter and it has several cameras on it along with sensors on its body.

HSR weighs about 70lb and is able to pick up 3 pounds.  It has a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour and can easily turn in all directions.


  • Interaction Safety:

The interaction between human and the robot is obvious. So conscious manufacturing and durable design was first priority to avoid any accident. The slow movement and sensors on its body make HSR reliable to operate without collision

  • Smart Interface:

The device can be controlled with the help of voice or any touch screen interface including your smartphone and tablet.


  • Picking-up:

The only arm of HSR has a gripper at its end which enables it to pick up small objects like TV remote, water bottle, pen etc. for you. To carry thin objects like needle or paper, the gripper has a vacuum sucker which lifts such thing easily.

Toyota robot learning


  • Fetching:

HSR can retrieve things for you. Just give a command via voice or touch interface and it will retrieve objects from the desired place like shelves and boxes.

Toyota robot


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