Top Home Cooking with Modern Gadgets 2023

Cooking with Modern Gadgets: Attention all engaged couples creating their wedding registries! Delve into this curated compilation of kitchen utensils that range from ingenious to outright amusing. Regardless of their level of practicality, the sheer existence of these items is undeniably remarkable. Explore and elevate your culinary adventures with these unique tools.

1. Egg cuber

Egg cuber Cooking with Modern Gadgets

If you share our sentiment, your morning routine might involve a plea to the skies, wishing for eggs to transform into a building material. Well, that moment has finally arrived. With this device, you can shape hard-boiled eggs into squares once they’re cooked. Crafting your own Egg McMansion is now just a handful of brunches away.

2. Microwave s’more maker

Microwave s’more maker Cooking with Modern Gadgets

If your hankering for a delicious s’more frequently clashes with the inconvenience of setting up campfires in the office parking lot, consider acquiring a microwave s’more maker. This ingenious device lets you whip up your cherished camping treat without any fiery fuss. And as an added treat, it even bears a resemblance to a tiny bongo-playing figure.

3. Ice cream slider maker

Ice cream slider maker Cooking with Modern Gadgets

Bid farewell to conventional homemade ice pops and treat yourself to this ice cream slider contraption. Simply insert a cookie of your preference at the base of the mold, layer on your beloved ice cream, and cap it off with another cookie to craft your very own personalized creamy delight. Whether this is more convenient than a trip to the store for an ice cream sandwich is a question we each must ponder individually.

4. Pac Man oven mitts

Pac Man oven mitts Cooking with Modern Gadgets

Presenting these uniquely designed silicone oven mitts that provide an offbeat twist on conventional potholders. While your children might not be familiar with Pac-Man, you can ensure that as long as you keep treating them to a continuous supply of cookies, the fun will never come to an end.

5. Alli-grater

Alli-grater Cooking with Modern Gadgets

Behold this delightful food grater adorned with handles resembling the halves of an alligator’s head. These handles conveniently fold down when the grater is idle, giving it the appearance of a set of fearsome alligator teeth. An ideal choice for aficionados of both cheese and the allure of potential Everglades encounters.

6. Corn peeler

Corn peeler Cooking with Modern Gadgets

Corn peelers effortlessly glide along corn cobs, smoothly extracting kernels and sparing you the task of managing messy cobs. However, unless you have young children in your household, consider choosing a knife instead to peel your corn and keep some money in your pocket.

7. Pancake pen

Pancake pen Cooking with Modern Gadgets

Yet another fantastic addition to your kitchen arsenal when catering to young children is this pancake pen. Capable of holding up to three cups of pancake batter, it lets your little helper craft various letters and shapes in the skillet. It also doubles as a lifesaver for those moments when mom needs a quick batter-break in her private moment of frustration.

8. Avocado slicer

Avocado slicer Cooking with Modern Gadgets

Not only does this tool expertly slice your avocado, but it also features a built-in mechanism for effortlessly removing the core and a convenient scraper to gather every last bit of delectable flesh from the skin. Consider it the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife tailored for aficionados of Whole Foods.

9. Strawberry stem remover

Strawberry stem remover Cooking with Modern Gadgets

This compact device showcases a telescopic claw designed to be inserted into strawberries, making the removal of stems a breeze, sparing you the task of manual extraction. It’s an essential accessory for strawberry enthusiasts seeking convenience without breaking the bank.

10. Mini non-contact infrared thermometer

Mini non-contact infrared thermometer Cooking with Modern Gadgets

This compact infrared thermometer eliminates the need for messy food contact by providing precise temperature readings within a mere two-degree Celsius range without ever touching the food. It’s a superb companion for journeys and an intriguing tool for informing curious strangers about their body temperature.

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