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Top Gadgets – Tech Gifts for Seniors, Grandparents, Elderly

1. Argonault Power Wheel Chair

Argonault power wheelchair is a versatile mode of mobility with multi-functional ability. The wheelchair can lift up, down and can ascend/descend the stairs without any jerk.

Argonault is an emerging corporation committed to devise high technology automated assistive devices. Power wheelchair is one of the solutions to the complex mobility problems by Argonault Corporation. Other devices based on the same innovative concept include their fully automatic stretcher and high performance scooter.
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2.Patients can stand up in this wheelchair

Power stand up wheel chair 1A new wheelchair design is helping paralyzed people to gain more independence and help them stand on their own two feet again, this wheelchair named Power stand up Wheelchair.
Power Wheelchair with Stand-Up functionality offers many health benefits previously unavailable to those in a wheelchair. By extending the body into a standing position, this chair promotes circulation, allows for optimal kidney and bladder function, and improves muscle tone. Standing also helps to prevent bone decalcification, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
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3.”WalkCar” The Portable Car in a Bag

walkcar car in bagWalkCar that can drive you to work and then hide in your backpack while you charge it near your desk.
The slender WalkCar is made from aluminum and weighs between two and three kilograms (4.4 to 6.6 pounds), depending on whether it is an indoor or outdoor version. The lightweight aluminum board is stronger than it looks, and can take loads of up to 120kg (265 pounds).
It reaches top speeds of 10 kilometers per hour (6.2 miles per hour), for distances of up to 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) after three hours of charging.
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4.Toyota Human Support Robot

Toyota, auto manufacturing company, is now looking ahead to help the disable and old age people. The Toyota Motors is going to spend 1 billion dollars in order to develop Human Support Robot (HSR)-a robot for elderly. The robot is designed to assist the sick and people in wheelchair by helping to pick and carry objects.
Such a robot is also ideal to switch the use of service dogs which are specially trained to help disable people.
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5.Levitation-The Bionic Knee Brace

Levitation is the world’s first bionic knees brace which helps for physical activities supporting your muscles and joints. Levitation enables you to do extra what you love in your daily knee injury because it can progress the knee rehabilitation and renovate the pleasures of life.
Brace is a mechanical device used to assist the movement of a body part specially a joint.
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6.Liftware level spoon for elders and patients

spoonLiftware selection of stabilizing and leveling handles and attachments are designed to help people with hand tremor or limited hand and arm mobility retain dignity, confidence, and independence.
(previously marketed as “Liftware”) is an electronic stabilizing handle and a selection of attachments that include a soup spoon, everyday spoon, and fork. Liftware Steady is designed to help people with hand tremor, which may be related to Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor, eat more easily.
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