Top Electronic Bluetooth Devices that will Blow Your Mind

In this smart world perhaps any device which is not supported by bluetooth technology. Here we introduce best daily life bluetooth supported devices which will give you introduction to the future of technology.

Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard & Mouse:

In this smart world

When less space restricts you from convenience of using large keyboard; for example while traveling, than this virtual keyboard can help you. This optical virtual or projection keyboard is one of the computer’s input devices where the virtual optical image of the keyboard is projected on any flat surface. When someone strikes any key on the virtual keyboard, the corresponding keystroke is recorded on the connected device.

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Normally virtual keyboards are compatible with all bluetooth devices including Tablet, Smartphone, and mini PC with windows, iOS or Android platform. Normally virtual

Features of Virtual Keyboard:

  • The virtual keyboard and mouse are easily paired with smartphone, tablet, laptop, Ipad.
  • Compatible with all bluetooth devices having operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and Linux
  • Easy and clear English keyboard layout.

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 Pivot Power Mini – wall plug with four ports:

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It is much annoying and troubled situation when you don’t find enough outlets to charge your two or three devices at a time. Pivot Power Mini is the fabulous solution of the problem. It is equally helpful for both home and travel. Just put the Pivot Power Mini in the bedside outlet and get four outlet ports, two USB ports plus two regular outlets. The device is designed so that it is compatible even with most bulky adapters.

troubled situation

Now you can plug in alarm clock, table lamp, your tablet as well as your smart phone even with a single power outlet in the room.

Features of Pivot Power Mini:

  1. It turns a single outlet into four outlets.
  2. Can be plugged into any standard power outlet.
  3. It has two standard outlets to handle two even bulky adapters easily.
  4. Provides 2 USB ports to charge two smart bluetooth devices.
  5. Suitable for travel as well as for home.
  6. Folds up into a small device for easy carriage.

plug in alarm clocksingle outlet

Provides 2 USB

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iWallet (Bluetooth) – Consider Your Security more Seriously:

Pivot Power

iWallet is a carbon fiber made smart bluetooth powered wallet with four protection layers. The four layers protection to your cash, credit cards and other personal information with biometric lock makes it prominent in all such devices. It also prevents your credit cards being read by any RF device. With the help of free iWallet App it can be tethered with any smart device. The bluetooth powered security alarm informs you as the both devices are apart from each other by just 5 meter.

iWallet is a carbonprotection layers

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