Top bulletproof gadgets for students in schools

1:Kids Backpack Insert Ultra-light Plate Level III (Rifle Protection)


They can be used as either as a ballistic plate to upgrade the bullet proof vest to level III or can be used alone as a plate to insert into backpacks. The child can then be taught to use his backpack as a shield in case of attack. These advanced plates are produced in Israel to the IDF’s exacting standards.

The plates weigh only 1.5 kg / 3.3 pounds) each this is a weight that the child will hardly notice. The plate is small enough to carry; but will afford your child protection (30×25 cm / 12 x 10 inch) and peace of mind.

Our Polyethylene Armor Plates are unbreakable and long lasting. They are among the finest made anywhere. Polyethylene Plates not only offer unmatched protection from high speed ammunition, but does so comfortably, the plates are shaped to fit the body.  A Polyethylene Plate will absorb more than one bullet and is the best rigid level III body armor plate.  The uniqueness of this plate is that it is made from Polyethylene composite laminate.  This material has the ability to absorb multiple hits without breaking.
The Polyethylene Plates increase protection level while guarding the ribs from concussion breaks. these plates come complete with a 7 year warranty.  This product is perfect to protect those you treasure from any threats that may arise.


Polyethylene Stand alone Ballistic Plates are the most up-to-date bulletproof rigid material.  These special sized plates (30*25 cm / 12*10 inch) are made to fit the child size backpack.

Weight only 1.5 kg / 3.3 pounds , and is stand alone (no need for additional protection)

Protection against Ak 47 , AR 15 or any other level 3 rifles.Read more..

2:Lightweight Bullet Proof Vest for Kids, Bullet Proof Vest for Sale


This simple to wear protective garment is designed to protect the child’s upper body from waist up to and including the neck.

Our vest offers unique 360 degree protection including sides front and back.
This bullet proof vest for sale features the same high standard, technology & materials used in Body Armor IIIA made for the Israel Defense Forces. This is the only designed and built to this high standard.
Made to be lightweight yet protective.
The zipper is not a weak area as it is protected by bullet proof weave under the zipper.
The outer shell is made of cordura ,a soft, strong fabric.
The vest is Waterproof,  UV resistant, and resists ripping.
This great vest is also ergonomically designed to be easy to put on in an emergency.
The protection material is removable so the fabric shell may be washed.Read more..

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