Top 5 Security Devices Gadgets You won’t believe they exist

5 Smart Personal Security Devices You Must Have

Personal-Security-DeviceALIVE is the world’s first personal security devices that works in dead zones and lets you stay connected with the world. With the built-in dead-man switch it automatically alerts your friends and loved ones about the possibly dangerous circumstances even when you are not able to tell others about your current status or location.


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eGeeTouch – Innovative Smart Electronic Padlock

Smart-Electronic-PadlockThis intelligent padlock is embedded with dual access using NFC as well as Bluetooth technology, which provides high security with ease of access along with traceability of historical access. The smart padlock needs only one-touch to unlock it through your preferred method either by NFC or by Bluetooth enabled smart devices like smart watches, smartphones, NFC Fobs/Sticker/Tags and others.



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Revolar – World’s Smallest Wearable Personal Safety Device

Revolar-personalEvery one of us, no doubt, faces such a situation when he finds himself unsafe and helpless with limited access, for help, to their loved ones. Such a situation may be safety problem or a medical emergency. Revolar personal safety device is your companion for the time when you are in trouble and need help.


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Tapdo | The Smallest Remote Smart Button for Everything

b_originalTapdo is a smart button which works as remote and controlled with your fingerprints. Using Tapdo you can control all of your devices and favorite apps with just a tap of a button. It’s probably the smartest approach to interact technology. It’s simple, fun and magic too!


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Hideez Key – Supper Secure Digital Smart Key

Hideez-smart-keyHideez digital smart key simplifies your world. This compact digital device is enough SMART to grant your access to each and every smart device you use. Hideez is a multi-functional tool that functions as your door entry security card, computer login and much more.



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