Top 5 Outdoor Gadgets for Summer 2017

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy fully taking your daily routine off. However it is necessary to have some best outdoor gadgets with you to make the outdoor trip enjoy full and easy. Here we will tell you the most favourite and best outdoor gadgets which will support you and boost up your journey.

1. Best Socks for Running:

When you go on a long tour essentially your feet must feel comfort so that you can walk over long distance. Xbionic have mad high tech supper running socks. Wearing these quality socks there will be less chances to have blisters in your feet. Ribbed sides of the socks allow fresh air to enter inside while the protectors at the heel and toe provide extra anti-blister care.

Shop it now for £18.99 at Sockshop

2. The Tor Walking Boots– The ultimate walk solution:

The Tor shoes, by Hoka, are designed so that to help the runners. The design is based on large midsole that provides best foot placement. The Tor is specially designed for outdoor journey walks. Wearing these boots you will feel a bit elevated and soon you will know that how it protects you from hard bumpy effects of the road. Also the Tor is much weightless.

The product is available for RRP: £160

3. Portable Nylon Waterproof Basin Bucket:

This basin bucket is a collapsible Nylon water proof washbasin best suitable for camping, hiking, fishing and survival. The basin is foldable and perfect to carry with for an outdoor. It is a multipurpose basin bucket which may be used for different useful purposes. The Nylon bucket can be used to bring water from distant places during your outdoor or survival. You may use it as a storage bucket for fishing or one may us it as a wash basin.

The product is light weight (less than two pounds / 110g per pc). The volume of the bucket is 8.5 litters. Available colors of the product include red, blue and green.

US $4.86  7.5 / Piece

4. CompREST Mattress Foam:

When you talk about comfort and portability during outdoor camping or survival, the best thing you will find is CompREST self-inflating pad for asleep. It is small sizes and portable to carry with your rest gears and too comfortable to have a happy and easy night sleep.

CompREST is made of plush and soft foam to give an additional comfort to your sleep. The comfort that you will feel with it will not be present in any air filled sleeping pad. The mattress is shipped with a wrapping cover which is water proof at bottom with a breathable top and also it is easily remove able. With a size = 74 x 25 x 2 inches, it is enough to accommodate an adult easily.

5. YOBO Hammock-A Hanging Bed:

Hanging a hammock is easy with the help of trees, poles or other fixed object. But what if you don’t find any of above supports? YOBO hammock stands are the best portable solution.

Usually camping stands are not so easy to transport and further they require the support like the tyre of the vehicle but that is not the case with YOBO hammock stands. The whole package is packed into pile and can be strapped with your backpack.

Features of the product include poles construction with aluminum with a durable ring to hookup the hammock along with cords.

Reserve your unit for $120 at Kickstarter campaign.



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