Top 5 Gadgets for Mental Health

We’ve already looked at wearables helping those with physical disabilities, but there are plenty of innovative options for those with mental health issues also.

Whether you’re trying to deal with how best to relax or rest, or if you’re suffering from anxiety in some way, an increasing number of gadgets are available to improve your mental health.

Look at 5 of the most interesting developments in Mental Health Care.

Mental Health:

1. Reveal

Reveal is a mental health wearable device specifically aimed at those on the autistic spectrum. It measures and tracks anxiety in a bid to help you better understand the behavior of the person, as well as learn how to prevent meltdowns from occurring.

“Reveal” works through sensors that, once combined with an advanced algorithm, can measure and track physiological signals that a problem is about to happen. “Reveal” tracks the wearer’s heart-rate, body temperature and sweat levels, before noticing if something is amiss. Tied into a smartphone app, you’re then provided with a notification that something is wrong.

It’s currently available to pre-order.

2. ELF Emmit

ELF EMMIT is an assistant for your mind and body. It aims to improve your focus, sleep, meditation, and even how effectively you learn. It’s all done through a combination of modern technology and ancient traditions.

A digital metronome, you wear it on your head, using its app to pick your preferred state of mind and body right now. That affects the rhythm it operates at, thereby inducing brainwaves that will adjust your mood to how you want it to be. At night, it’ll put your brain into ‘sleep’ mode, while in the daytime, it can help you relax and meditate more effectively.

Working in a similar manner to headphones, it’s not considered a medical advice, but it uses a scientific principle known as PEMT (pulsed electromagnetic therapy) which is FDA approved.

It’s available for $129.

3. Feel

Mental Health

Understanding emotions is a nearly neverending mission for many of us. Sure—some are obvious and easy enough to understand, but humans are naturally irrational, encouraging some confusion. Feel is a device that hopes to defuse such issues by recognizing and then tracking your emotions throughout the day. Alongside personalized coaching options, it hopes to help you achieve your emotional well-being goals.

Detecting happiness, anger, sadness, stress, and feelings of satisfaction, Feel works through integrated sensors on its wristband. It measures a variety of bio-signals that frequently accompany certain moods, such as electrodermal activity, blood volume pulse, and skin temperature.

Understanding your emotions is key to being able to control them and, in theory, enjoy a happier life. With the app’s achievements, graphs, and suggestions, Feel could be ideal for a more hands-on approach.

It’s available now for pre-order.

4. LeafUrban

Leaf Urban is a stylish looking bracelet or necklace that doubles as a fitness tracker—as well as an emotional well-being wearable & Mental Health gadget.

Combined with its app, Leaf Urban then suggests meditation exercises that can help you calm down and regain your focus. For women, it’ll also track one’s fertility and periods, ensuring it’s a great all-in-one solution.

Price: $139.

5. Prana

Sitting correctly benefits more than just your back. By using the correct posture, and breathing better, you can actually improve your mood. It’s well known as a form of stress relief, and Prana is a gadget that aims to help.

A small clip that attaches to your clothing, it tracks both your breathing and posture.

After its IndieGoGo campaign, it’ll be available for purchase.

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