Top 10 Home Gadgets for Modern Living 2023

1: Instant-read digital thermometer

Instant-read digital thermometer Modern Living 2023

Home Gadgets Review: With a culinary career spanning over three decades, I’ve tested numerous thermometers, and this one truly stands out. Interestingly, I stumbled upon this purchase while evaluating several thermometers for potential bulk acquisition for my kitchen staff. My primary criterion was field-calibration capability, and although this thermometer lacks that feature, I plan to order more. The reason? Its precision, clear readability, and overall user-friendly experience. Its durability is commendable, and I particularly appreciate the attached ring. I hang it conveniently near our cooking stations, ensuring quick access. While it may not slide smoothly into my chef’s coat due to its extended probe, I consider that a positive attribute. In just a fortnight, I’ve put this thermometer to the test more than 130 times, and each instance has been a pleasure.” —Cetaceous Dave

2: Pet hair remover

Pet hair remover Modern Living 2023

Having incorporated the ChomChom into my routine for an extended period, the images above were captured recently to demonstrate the remarkable swiftness, simplicity, and efficacy of this roller. In a mere 10 seconds, I successfully eliminated the fur that my two gray feline companions consistently scatter around my velvet couch ottoman (an admittedly impractical choice for a cat owner like myself). Initially, mastering the technique of utilizing this roller may require a bit of practice. Initially, I erroneously believed that brushing only in one direction was sufficient, which led to confusion when the hair remained untouched. The key is to employ a push-and-pull motion in both directions, exerting a moderate amount of pressure to effectively draw the hair inside. Subsequently, you can effortlessly empty the accumulated hair. The ChomChom excels when addressing expansive flat surfaces such as couches and beds.

 3: Oxo Tot Grape Cutter

Oxo Tot Grape Cutter Modern Living 2023

Observe a swift grape-quartering technique by a mom on TikTok using this innovative tool.

And here’s the kicker—it’s not confined to grapes alone! This versatile gadget works wonders with cherry tomatoes, berries, olives, and according to numerous reviewers, it’s effective across a spectrum of fruits!

A review that caught our attention: “When our Amazon search led us to ‘grape cutters,’ we hesitated, fearing we’d reached the pinnacle of simplicity. After all, slicing a grape doesn’t sound complicated; it doesn’t devour substantial time, nor is it exceptionally inconvenient (not more so than cutting other toddler foods)…yet, my wife and I shared a mutual sense of trepidation every time our daughter requested a handful of grapes. With tempered expectations, we acquired this little contraption, half-expecting to use it twice before relegating it to a drawer, destined for a year-long slumber before facing disposal. Oh boy, were we mistaken. A single use shattered our presumptions, unveiling what we initially dismissed as a frivolous novelty—the veritable holy grail of food preparation for parents. Believe it or not, I recently employed it to slice THREE grapes for my own consumption, purely for the pleasure of it. I reserve my review-writing efforts for products I deem genuinely worthy of endorsement, and this unassuming gadget surpassed all expectations. If your young one delights in grapes, grant yourself the indescribable luxury of acquiring this—trust me, the satisfaction is immeasurable.” —Michael

4: SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher

SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher Modern Living 2023

Highly favored by reviewers, this device’s distinct advantage lies in its independence from the need to “smart enable” other components of your home. I’m contemplating getting one for my husband, who invariably extricates himself from bed each morning to activate his espresso machine.

A testimonial that caught our attention: “This is precisely what I was seeking, and its existence eluded me until a reference on TikTok illuminated the way! Our front walkway succumbs to considerable darkness at night, and my exasperation grew from the constant requirement to switch on the light each evening and off each morning. I explored those plug-in light sensors, but our front porch light nestles beneath an awning, casting ample shade that would have consigned the light to a perpetual glow. Enter this diminutive Switchbot, resolving the dilemma. Affixed to the indoor light switch and synchronized with my phone’s clock, it has functioned flawlessly ever since.”

5: Wall charger

Wall charger Modern Living 2023

I’ve configured this outlet arrangement within my bathroom, and I must say, it’s proven to be quite advantageous. It allows me to maintain my music source connected (because who can resist a shower dance party?), even while I’m using my straightener or curling iron. Moreover, it serves as a convenient nightlight, sparing me the discomfort of glaring overhead lights when I inevitably need to get up for a nighttime trip to the bathroom.

A review that caught my attention: “Working from home in a compact apartment setting, this product transformed my setup precisely as I desired. With the necessity of utilizing all six outlets and the added requirement of keeping my phone and Mi-Fi charged while working, this solution was perfect. It enabled me to seamlessly retrofit my configuration into a pre-existing wall desk setup, originally designed for the bulky desktop towers of the late ’90s. I’ve even taken notice of the USB ports’ ability to fast-charge my iPhone XS Max. Going from a dead battery to full charge in about 90 minutes is quite the bonus.”

6: Cup rinser

Cup rinser Modern Living 2023

View a TikTok video showcasing the cup washer in operation. The installation process involves utilizing the provided instructions and materials to seamlessly connect it to the hot water line. It’s important to bear in mind that this unit is not compatible with sinks lacking a flat edge.

A review that caught our attention: “The significance of this addition to my household didn’t strike me until I came across it on TikTok. Given our extensive collection of water bottles and toddler cups, this device has become an indispensable asset.”

7: Bissell multipurpose portable cleaner

Bissell multipurpose portable cleaner Modern Living 2023

I’m absolutely blown away by this vacuum. My initial encounter with it was on TikTok, where individuals showcased its prowess in cleaning stairs, mattresses, car seats, and more. The videos had already left a remarkable impression on me. However, given the sorry state of my dining chair cushions, I felt a touch of hesitation and doubt. Deciding to take the plunge, I acquired the vacuum and put it to the test on my chairs. The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary—truly the most remarkable vacuum I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I was so impressed that I went ahead and purchased a second one.

8: Toothbrush holder and dispenser

A toothbrush holder and dispenser Modern Living 2023

Review Highlight: “This product has won me over! I initially came across it on TikTok and instantly recognized its potential for our bathroom. With just one bathroom upstairs and a household of five individuals, this addition turned out to be a game-changer. It freed up a considerable amount of counter space for us. Notably, the ventilation holes designed for cup placement ensure proper drying. The toothpaste dispenser has been particularly impressive, effectively extracting every last bit from the tube. I wholeheartedly recommend this for a family or a kids’ bathroom. Moreover, the concealed storage compartment behind the toothpaste holder is a fantastic space for storing extra brushes and cotton swabs.”

9: Scrubber brush

A scrubber brush Modern Living 2023

The soft white bristle is ideal for wheels, carpet, upholstery, glass, and leather. The medium yellow bristle is perfect for bathroom, bathtub, shower, tile, and porcelain. The medium green bristle is suited for kitchen, stoves, cabinets, countertops, and linoleum. The medium blue bristle is recommended for boats, pools, canoe/kayaks, hot tubs, and plastics. The stiff red bristle is best for outdoor use, including siding, brick, garage, and gutter. Lastly, the hard black bristle excels with grills, loose paint, furnaces, ovens, and industrial applications.

Notably, Drill Brush operates as a small business based in New York.

A review that caught our attention: “I’d been eyeing these for several months and finally decided to give in. Boy, do I regret not getting them the moment I first saw them! They are truly remarkable! Our rented apartment features a 30+ year-old shower/tub, and I’ve tried everything from abrasive powders to gels that sit, and even the bathroom Magic Erasers. Yet, none managed to truly eliminate the grime. These brushes WORK, and they work quickly. A mere 10 minutes with my trusty drill, and the shower has never appeared cleaner. I’m thrilled that I no longer need to spend money on cleaning products, and I appreciate the environmentally friendly aspect—no waste, no chemical cleaners!”

10: Petcube

A Petcube Modern Living 2023

Petcube, a small enterprise hailing from Ukraine, specializes in crafting interactive HD pet camera solutions. These innovative products come equipped with the capability to provide immediate notifications through their dedicated app and seamless synchronization with Amazon Alexa.

A review that stood out: “We’ve enjoyed the benefits of the original Petcube for quite some time, relishing the ability to catch glimpses of our beloved feline friend while we’re away. The thought of adding another unit to our setup had crossed our minds, envisioning an expanded view of her during our travels. And then came the new Petcube—a compact design boasting an expansive field of vision thanks to its wide-angle lens. Setting it up was a breeze, and using it has been a delight.”

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