Top 10 Children’s Gadgets for Vacation

Children’s Gadgets for Vacation As the extended school summer break is in full swing, you might find yourself seeking assistance in ensuring your children stay engaged. Whether it’s walkie-talkies, cameras, tablets, robot toys, or fitness trackers, here are some of the finest tech gadgets designed for kids to keep both the young and not-so-young ones entertained.

1. VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0

VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0

In the era before smartphones became ubiquitous, standalone cameras served as our primary means of visually capturing life’s moments. They still offer a source of creative fun and inspiration, especially for children.

The VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 can be considered a child’s “first digital camera.” It’s constructed from sturdy plastic and boasts a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for children aged three to nine. This camera captures 5-megapixel photos of reasonable quality and can even take selfies from the rear camera, all displayed on a 2.4-inch screen.

To assist young photographers in framing their shots, the camera features an optical viewfinder. Additionally, it offers the option to apply fun filters and effects to their photos, and it can also record videos. While it may not be as appealing to older children, it serves as a great introduction to photography before they transition to using smartphones.

The camera requires an SD card for storing photos and runs on four AA batteries, which it consumes rather quickly. To save both money and the environment, it’s advisable to invest in rechargeable batteries.

For older children seeking more adventurous photography experiences, rugged and waterproof action cameras could be an exciting choice. These cameras can capture both videos and photos. While budget-friendly no-brand action cameras start at around £80, secondhand or refurbished models from reputable brands like GoPro and DJI can be found for approximately £100 on platforms like eBay and others.

2. Motorola T42 Talkabout

Motorola T42 Talkabout

Walkie-talkies provide an excellent alternative to smartphones, enabling both kids and adults to stay connected without worrying about charges or broken screens.

While there are numerous child-friendly options adorned with various character themes, it’s often the basic units that perform better. Motorola’s T42 Talkabout, available in multiple colors and multipacks, is a notable choice.

Setting them up is a breeze, featuring a straightforward pairing button and multiple channel options to ensure clear communication. Once activated, simply push the button to talk, even over considerable distances. Although the advertised 4km range may be a bit optimistic, they should maintain solid communication within urban areas for at least 500 meters or much farther in open spaces.

Each unit operates on three AAA batteries, offering approximately 18 hours of talk time or about three to four days of active use. So, you might want to consider having a stash of rechargeable batteries on hand.

These walkie-talkies come equipped with a convenient belt clip and a loop for attaching to a carabiner or a similar hook, and they are reasonably rugged, capable of withstanding the occasional rough handling.

Nestling’s camouflage walkie-talkies, priced at around £26, are also a popular choice, but you’ll find plenty of options under £30 at your local stores.

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