Thinnest iPhone Solar Charging Case

The biggest problem while having an iPhone or a smart phone is running out of the battery charge. However the JUS’s iPhone solar charging case is the all-time solution for your worry about the battery life of your favorite phone. Now you have no need to carry charging adapter or portable power banks with you everywhere.

The stylish and slim JUS solar charging case is your mobile’s all-time companion for indoor as well as for outdoor. Even where there you don’t find a single electrical outlet, you will be confident about having access to the power with JUS Solar Charging Case.

One big thing about JUS is that it does not carry any charging/power chord with it i.e. a chord-less charger. As long as the light is there, JUS Solar Charging Case is ready to power-up to your iPhone.

Quality Features of JUS Solar Charging Case:


Environment Friendly:

Harnessing energy from sun light JUS Solar Charging Case is an environment friendly power supply unit for iPhone.

Solar Charging Case

Lightweight and Small:

It’s the world’s thinnest and smart portable solar charger being in the form of iPhone case. Say bye to power-chords from now!

Solar Charging Case

Fits like skin:

The JUS Solar Charging Case is well-matched with the body of your iPhone. It fits to the iPhone like its skin whereas giving access to all controls like volume buttons, charging port, headphone’s mini-jack, and camera button.

Solar Charging Case

Large Charging Span:

Once the JUS Solar Charging Case is charged fully, it can recharge your iPhone twice upto 100%, even without having access to light.

Solar Charging Case


JUS Solar Charging Case is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus.


Best Companion for Outdoor Camping:

JUS Solar Charging Case allows you to have fun and joy during your outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing or survival, with no-tension about losing your phone’s battery charge.

Solar Charging Case

Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 3.8 V /4000 mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Input: 5V DC/10 A
  • Output: 5V DC/10 AInput of solar panel: 5V DC/ 500 mA 2.5 V max
  • Size: For iPhone 6&6S= 152 x 69 x 12 mm
  • For iPhone 6 & 6S Plus: 172 x 79 x 13 mm

How to Charge?

Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to charge your iPhone. Whilst charging, the LED will blink for a short time. All four LEDs will be ON when the Powerpack is fully charged.

Press the battery indicator light button once, allows for quick and easy verification of the battery’s charge status. Each LED that lights up indicates another 25% capacity remaining.

Solar Charging Case

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Where to Buy:

Price : $89

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