ThermalTech – World’s First Smart Solar Jacket

ThermalTech allows you to wrap the sun’s warmness around you. ThermalTech is a smart solar powered jacket that keeps you warmer during your winter outdoor without having bulky layers. It uses sunlight to increase your body temperature upto 20o F without having massive stuff. This is the innovative fashion ensuring versatility as well as functionality. This smart solar jacket keeps you warmer in winter for a long time so that you can do the jobs that you love the most during you outdoor trip.


For what is the ThermalTech?

Never get freeze for winter-fashion again. ThermalTech is the slim, waterproof and cold-proof solar but breathable jacket. Stay warmer during you routine outdoor activities like shopping, walking or running. It is best for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing or going for survival.

Distinguishing Features:



The interlaced design permits the excess vapors to exit whereas preventing outside moisture to get in.


The Thermal Tech is highly flexible and adapts most of the shapes being comfortable and easy to use.

Temperature Balance:

The retentive property of this smart solar jacket maintains the normal body temperature in balance without overhearing it.

Long Life Span:

The smart fabric weaved with stainless steel fiber is strong enough to last for long period.

 Energy Capturing:

The patent solar power capturing technology absorbs energy from sun to keep the wearer warm.

Lightweight Material:

The barely-there feeling adds nominal weight, abolishing the need of bulky coats.


Available Options to Choose From:

Knowing details about the product features you will love it! The smart solar jacket is available in three different varieties both for men as well as women cuts. These varieties include Street, Explorer and Extreme each in various popular colors.

  1. STREET:

This water proof item with deep exterior pockets is suitable during a routine walk in the town. It works well for 10-0oC.


Wind breaking and waterproof model is featured with a waist zip having strategically placed inner and exterior pockets. It is best for temperature range 10-(-1)oC.


This model is also wind breaker and waterproof with pockets and waist zipper as prior. The extra feature with this model is its removable hoodie. It may work best for (-10o) – (-20o).

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