The world’s first EASY-CLEAN dual car mats. Shake it! Shake it off!

Trapmats : The World’s First Easy-clean Dual Car Mats

Trapmats is a patented honey-comb design car mat that traps dust and debris. Unlike traditional car mat, It has a two-layers structures whereby the first layer is made up of honeycomb holes which allows food crumbs or dust bits drop straightonto the second layer. In this way, your car floor will look better and cleaner with no bad circulation of dusty air. Made with Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), instead of wet stinky foot/shoes by you, kids or guests that ruined the mood, the second layer is odor resistant and always ensure a pleasant smell.

Having said that, most common car mat is not water proof, absorbing moisture and hard to dry. Over time, it will promote the grow of bacteria and germs, and at that point, you will start to notice a bad smelling in your car. Trapmats is an innovative solution to that, it is water proof and easy to clean in seconds. Simply shake off the dust, or if dealing with beverage spillage, you can clean it with water and wait to dry in minutes.

Thanks to the natural bactericide properties of EVA, Trapmats inhibits (more than 99.9%) grow of bacteria and fungi. In other words, no germs no bad smell. The Germiculture analysis has been done and confirmed by Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL) on Trapmats with no observable growth of germs over a course of 24 hours.

The World’s First


Dual Lawyer Honey – Comb Design

The average car mat has no way of holding dust, dirt, and debris. These pollutants circulate in your car, creating bad air quality. TRAPMATS are designed to protect your car’s environment from all pollutants, including dirt, dust, bacteria, debris, and germs. With its patented design, TRAPMATS trap dirt and dust within the lower layer to prevent them from circulating into the air. All pollutants are collected in the lower layer, and cannot circulate through the car. The upper layer is left clean.

The average car

TRAPMATS are comprised of an upper layer and lower layer. The upper layer is made up of honeycomb-structured holes, which enable the pollutants to fall into the lower layer. The upper and lower layers are held firmly together with velcro fasteners so that the collected pollutants cannot leak out.

Easy Clean Mats

People often neglect to wash their car mats regularly, and doing so takes plenty of time or effort. Car washes are expensive and it is a real hassle to wash each car mat with soap and water. In addition, floor mats often take hours to dry. With TRAPMATS, simply separate the two layers and shake to remove dust.


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