The Best Laptop Charger for Every Type of Device

It was often unpleasant (and expensive) to lose a laptop charger. However, when it comes to selecting the finest laptop chargers, things are constantly evolving.

The greatest laptops of 2022, including the most recent MacBook Air and Pro models with Apple’s M2 CPU, typically have USB-C connections. Along with making laptops thinner, USB-C provides enough power to charge a device completely without the use of a costly, specialized charger. Picking up a USB-C charger that is appropriately rated for your laptop can easily replace a lost charger.

You can usually locate the technical specifications of your laptop by searching for it, which will determine what kind of USB-C laptop charger you require. Everything will function the same as long as you purchase a USB-C charger that is as powerful as possible. GaN chargers are what you should seek if you’re willing to spend extra money on a quick-charging laptop charger.

Best USB Laptop Chargers

Both USB-C and USB-A cables are often used with current laptops. (If you don’t already have the appropriate cables on hand, use caution with the chargers below, as the majority of them will call for you to buy these USB cables separately.) If you’re unsure of the kind of charger you require, you should look at the power port on your smartphone.

1- Anker 735 Charger (Nano II 65W)

Anker 735 Charger (Nano II 65W)

It is not surprising that Anker gets the top rank on our list because of the success of its line of chargers. With two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, the Anker 735 Charger provides everything you need to power your laptop while you’re on the go.

The Anker 735 uses GaN II Technology to deliver 65W of high-speed charging, which is more than enough to fully charge a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro. This is particularly noteworthy. This is beneficial for numerous fast-charging cellphones that use various fast-charging technologies. Because it has Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 technology, which automatically adapts to those standards, there’s no need to worry about compatibility with this product. This allows for an optimal and efficient power supply to your device.

All of the functionality is provided in a small package that is only half the size of the typical MacBook Pro charger.

2- Anker Nano II 65W USB-C Charger

Anker Nano II 65W USB-C Charger

With the 65W Nano II USB-C charger dubbed the greatest laptop charger available, Anker outdid itself (provided your laptop has a USB-C port). With the most recent Gallium Nitride semiconductor technology, the Nano II can deliver more power through a smaller charger while producing less heat. This 65W charger is consequently not much larger than Apple’s iPhone charging brick. This USB-C charger is the one we’d pick for our small or medium-sized laptop, despite the fact that it might not be the cheapest option.

3- Nekteck 100W PD 3.0 GaN Wall Charger

Nekteck 100W PD 3.0 GaN Wall Charger

The Nekteck USB-C Charger is the best solution to fulfill your speedy charging objectives if you want to give your MacBook Pro or iPhone some quick power without spending a lot of money. It has 100W of charging capacity, which is sufficient to fully charge an iPhone 11 in just over an hour, and a MacBook Pro 16 from empty to full in under two hours. It is a 100W GaN charger, just like the more expensive models shown above, except it lacks multiple USB ports.

4- Spigen ArcDock Charging Station

Spigen ArcDock Charging Station

You’ll need something more robust, like the Spigen ArcDock Charging Station with its 100W Max output, if you have a power-hungry laptop (usually one with a screen 15 inches or larger). Only when a single USB-C port is in use can it accomplish that, making it one of the few devices capable of providing that kind of power to larger computers.

Depending on what is connected in, it can dynamically allocate power to each USB-C port. Therefore, if there is only one plugged-in device, such as a laptop, it will send 90W to that port. The device will deliver 35W to the first device and the remaining 85W to another port, achieving its 120W maximum output, assuming you have one device that requires 35W and another that requires 65W.

5- Belkin Boost Charge 68W Dual-Port USB-C Charger

Belkin Boost Charge 68W Dual-Port USB-C Charger

Although we firmly believe in every product on our list, we are aware that some of you like to err on the side of caution when choosing the best laptop chargers. And the Belkin Boost Charge is the best option if you want a USB-C charger from a company with more experience. The Belkin Boost Charge, a 68W dual-port charger, will do the job even if it is not the cheapest or most portable option.

6- Nekteck 4-Port 72W USB Wall Charger

Nekteck 4-Port 72W USB Wall Charger

We advise using this USB-C wall charger and power station from Nekteck as a replacement for the Anker 735 Charger. (Be aware that this product only has one USB-C port if you mostly need to charge USB-C devices.)

This Nekteck charger is a special hybrid wall charger/power station that you can use when all of your devices are dead and you’re in a bind. There are several USB ports on it, including a USB-C port for quick charging your MacBook, Dell XPS, or smartphone. There are also three more USB ports for charging various devices. Additionally, it charges quickly via the USB-C connector at a maximum charging rate of 65W. Don’t forget that the extra USB-A to C cables is not included.

7- Brydge Stone C Docking Station

Brydge Stone C Docking Station

For your home office workstation, are you looking for the laptop charger to end all laptop chargers? Consider the 12-port Brydge Stone C Docking Station, which offers a multi-monitor arrangement in addition to its staggering number of ports. This charging station can power the heaviest laptops because it can provide up to 100W of electricity to a single device. Furthermore, you won’t ever need to look for a power outlet or charging brick again.

8- Baseus 65W USB-C Charging Station

Baseus 65W USB-C Charging Station

With two USB-C and two USB-A ports in addition to two additional outlets for other devices, the Baseus 65W USB-C Charging Station is a laptop charger substitute on steroids. The Baseus 65W USB-C Charging Station, which is similar to our top pick, offers fast-charging 65W power delivery to one of its USB-C ports, which is sufficient to power the majority of laptops.

9- Anker PowerPort III Charger

Anker PowerPort III Charger

It’s convenient to have access to both electrical outlets while plugging in a laptop charger to the wall. This is made possible by the Anker PowerPort III Charger’s compact design, but don’t be fooled by its diminutive size; it can still fully charge a MacBook Pro, a ThinkPad X1, or a Dell XPS 13. This laptop charger is really good when you take into account its size, affordability, and wide range of compatibility.

10- Dell 130W Type-C AC Adapter

Dell 130W Type-C AC Adapter

You will most likely require a 130W charger if you need a replacement laptop charger for a Dell XPS 15 or 17 devices. You’ll have to choose the official Dell choice because it’s uncommon to find a third-party USB-C charger that produces 130W of power. However, this charger is still USB-C, so you can use it with any other USB-C device. Although this laptop charger can be used with other devices, it’s our top choice if you’re looking for a replacement Dell laptop charger, particularly for the most recent XPS computers.

11- Shnitpwr 3V Adjustable AC DC Adapter

Shnitpwr 3V Adjustable AC DC Adapter

If your older laptop has a barrel charging connector, you are not alone. You’re covered with the Shnitpwr Adjustable AC/DC Adapter. Kind of covered. It has 14 movable tips and a knob on the charging block to allow you to choose the amount of power it delivers to your device. It comes in handy for many older gadgets that have barrel ports.

12- Anker 30W USB-C Charger

Anker 30W USB-C Charger

The Anker 30W USB-C Charger is the best option if space for your wall outlets or surge protectors is at a premium. Even though it only has 30W of power, it nonetheless charges your mobile devices more quickly than the majority of stock chargers.

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