The Best Gearhead Gifts of 2023

Gearhead Gifts Do you know someone who eagerly switches out their iPhone for the latest model, gets excited about even the tiniest app updates, and has strong opinions about whatever Elon Musk is up to? If that sounds like someone you know, you’ve got a tech-savvy individual in your midst. With the holiday season upon us, the most impressive gifts for them are undoubtedly tech-related.

Of course, unless you’re a tech enthusiast yourself, finding the right gift for one can be a bit challenging. The ideal presents for tech lovers typically fall into two categories: either the latest trending gadgets they’ve been eyeing or intelligent devices that simplify their daily routines. Whether you’re considering gifting them the newest AirPods, a cutting-edge Dyson vacuum, an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, a virtual reality headset, or a mug that keeps their coffee at the perfect temperature, rest assured that the perfect tech gift is out there—even for those who might not be the most tech-savvy, but still appreciate a gadget that’s leagues ahead of what they currently own.

Whether your gift list includes men (like your dad, boyfriend, husband, or brother), women (such as your mom or girlfriend), or even yourself, we’ve compiled a collection of the best tech gifts to give and receive in 2022. Many of these items will likely be available at discounted prices during Black Friday sales. Within this list, you’ll discover fantastic tech gift ideas from well-known brands like Bose, Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, Ninja, and Therabody. Additionally, we’ve included offerings from lesser-known yet equally impressive brands like Lomi, Oura, and Tidbyt. So read on to find the perfect present for the tech enthusiast in your life—and be sure to make your order soon, as the holiday season is just around the corner.

1. Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 Gifts of 2023

The most recent version of the Apple Watch comes equipped with an expanded and more vibrant display, quicker charging capabilities, and an extended battery life that can endure for up to 18 hours. Moreover, it introduces enhanced health functionalities, such as temperature detection that provides insights into women’s health, the ability to monitor sleep stages, electrical heart sensors, blood oxygen tracking, and more. Additionally, this model is designed to be resilient, offering resistance against cracks, dust, and water—making it even suitable for swimming activities.

2. Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover (Queen Size)

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover (Queen Size) Gifts of 2023

A fantastic tech-centric sleep gift is this intelligent mattress cover by Eight Sleep. It boasts temperature customization, allowing users to create the perfect warmth or coolness for their mattress before sleep and throughout the night—ideal for those who experience temperature-related sleep discomfort. After learning about your body’s temperature and sleep patterns, the cover takes over, autonomously making necessary adjustments. Additionally, this mattress topper not only tracks sleep but can also be tailored separately for each side of the bed to accommodate different preferences.

3. Courant Mag:2 Essentials Wireless Charging Stand

Courant Mag:2 Essentials Wireless Charging Stand Gifts of 2023

Introducing an incredibly practical accessory that’s perfect for anyone who owns a smartphone: the wireless charger with MagSafe compatibility. This charger not only charges smartphones but also other devices like AirPods and Apple Watches. It even keeps the phone upright, allowing users to enjoy videos, make video calls, record TikTok videos, and more with ease.

4. Tushy Ace Electric Bidet Seat

Tushy Ace Electric Bidet Seat Gifts of 2023

Whether you’re looking to enhance their traditional bidet experience or wish to indulge them with a premium model, the Tushy Ace luxury bidet is an excellent choice. Complete with a heated seat, customizable warm water settings, and a warm-air dryer, this top-of-the-line bidet offers a whole new level of comfort. Once they experience it, there’s no going back.

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5. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro Gifts of 2023

Experience exceptional audio quality, over 24 hours of battery life, water resistance, advanced noise cancellation, adaptive EQ for personalized sound, a transparency mode to stay aware of your surroundings, and effortless call and audio control—all packed into these wireless earbuds. And to top it off, they boast a sleek and stylish design. With these AirPods, your loved one can groove to their favorite music in style and convenience.

6. iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum Gifts of 2023

The top-of-the-line Roomba robot vacuum, equipped with WiFi connectivity, is the perfect present for those who find joy in keeping their home tidy (and especially for those who prefer not to lift a finger). This intelligent vacuum can be voice-assisted and is packed with sensors to skillfully maneuver around furniture and avoid tumbling down stairs. It even autonomously returns to its docking station for a recharge after 90 minutes of cleaning.

7. Theragun Mini

Theragun Mini Gifts of 2023

Compact and whisper-quiet, this handheld percussion massager might be lightweight, but it packs a punch of up to 20 pounds of force, effectively kneading away muscle tension for a soothing post-workout unwind.

8. Qubii Photo Storage Drive

Qubii Photo Storage Drive Gifts of 2023

While they might resemble an ordinary adapter, the Qubii goes beyond that. Not only does it charge their iPhone or iPad, but it also functions as a versatile hard drive, seamlessly backing up their photos. All they need to do is plug it in – pretty amazing, isn’t it?

9. Meta Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

Meta Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset Gifts of 2023

In the realm of virtual reality, the opportunities are boundless. For the recipient who’s eager to dive into novel gaming adventures, indulge in beloved movies and series, or even attend live performances, a VR headset is a fantastic choice. This Meta headset arrives with a pair of touch controllers and a generous 128 gigabytes of storage, ensuring extended sessions of immersive entertainment.

10. Casper Glow Light

Casper Glow Light Gifts of 2023

Is your dear one often challenged by early mornings? This sleep-conscious bedside lamp emits a soothing warm radiance and gradually dims over a span of 45 minutes, aiding in a tranquil transition to slumber. Through the accompanying app, they can establish a wake-up time, allowing the light to gently intensify in the morning, facilitating a gentle awakening. Moreover, they can easily carry it around, akin to a petite nightlight.

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