The best gadgets that went viral

For the latest technology and home renovations, gadgets have become a gold mine. Every day, new goods become popular, and because things go viral so frequently, they can reach entirely new audiences.

We’ve picked out the best and most interesting gadgets we’ve seen go viral. Some of these might look familiar, while others are well-known in certain online communities.

Sunset Lamp

Sunset Lamp gadgets

Sunset lamps started out as a fad, but they quickly became an almost ubiquitous household staple. It’s easy to see why: they can create a cosy atmosphere in any area while also allowing you to shoot some stunning photos.

Choose between a typical warm orange or a more colourful rainbow colour with this sunset lamp’s several settings. If you need more ideas, our friends at YourHomeStyle have compiled a list of the best sunset lamps available.

Herb Saver Pod

Herb Saver Pod gadgets

These pods can save your life, especially if you have trouble finishing your herbs on time. The Herb Saver Pods have a tidy, closable chamber that keeps the contents fresher for longer. There’s also a hole that lets you pour water into the pod, which helps to keep your herbs healthy.

Beauty Cooler Skincare Fridge

Beauty Cooler Skincare Fridge gadgets

This not only keeps your skincare items fresher, but it’s also a cute way to keep them all together. Cooling down skincare products extends their shelf life, and cold face masks, mists, and lotions feel great on the skin!

The Skincare Fridge also has a pleasing aesthetic, so it may serve as a decorative component in your home.

Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitiser

Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitiser gadgets

The expression may be overused, but according to the University of Arizona, the average smartphone is ten times filthy than most toilet seats. It’s not a pleasant realisation, but it’s one that can be readily overcome.

This wireless charging station has a 10-watt UV sanitizer that claims to kill 99.9% of germs on your phone. Fast charging, foreign object recognition, and LED lights for proper positioning are just a few of the fascinating features. It’s a convenient two-in-one device that can help keep your phone in good working order.

Salter 3-in-1 Waffle/Toastie/Panini Maker

Salter 3-in-1 Waffle Toastie Panini Maker

Salter’s 3-in-1 Snack Maker allows you to make three of your favourite comfort foods with only one device. The machine can make toasties, waffles, and paninis using various insertable deep-fill trays.

For increased safety, the sandwich and waffle maker incorporates cool-touch handles as well as LED power and ready indicators. Furthermore, the plates should be non-stick to make the cooking process more efficient and the cleanup procedure simpler.

LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis

One of the most common strategies to limit our plastic usage is to use reusable water bottles. Many companies have made vacuum-sealed metal bottles, but LARQ has created one that is self-cleaning and purifying.

The smart bottle can clean the interior surfaces and purify the water on its own using UV-C LED technology. This can be done manually or automatically every two hours when activated. Because the Li-polymer battery has a one-month life, you won’t have to charge it every day to reap the benefits.

Townew Smart Waste Bin

Townew Smart Waste Bin

Smart bins are more frequent in techy homes where every household item is a smart gizmo. However, these bins are becoming more widely available, and they’re a fun element to have in your home.

The bin can seal and replace the bin bags at the push of a button. Furthermore, it can recognise when the bin is full and replace it automatically. Waving your hand over it will open it without touching it, making it a far cleaner way to dispose of your trash.

BACKTAP Backpack Cooler

BACKTAP Backpack Cooler gadgets

Coolers aren’t the easiest items to transport, especially given the weight they normally contain. By allowing you to wear it like a backpack, the BACKTAP seeks to circumvent this issue.

It has a capacity of almost 13 litres and can hold around five bottles of wine standing up. Alternatively, you can fill the container with roughly 15 bottles of wine to fully utilise the leak-proof area (or any drink of choice, of course).


VeggiChop gadgets

By swiftly chopping your vegetables, you can make the cooking process a little easier. The blades will spin and slice through whatever is within after you place your vegetables in the compartment and pull the lead. Simply pull it a few more times for finer chopping!

Zip Slicer

Zip Slicer gadgets

This little gadget is great for slicing through small fruit or vegetables that tend to roll away, such as cherry tomatoes. Instead of slicing each one individually, place them all inside and slice them all at once.

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