Hyper Introduces iPhone 12 Magnetic Wireless Battery

The HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 lineup was officially unveiled today, enabling customers to charge their iPhones on the go using MagSafe and wireless charging technology.

Handy USB Adapters to Improve Your Laptop’s Connectivity

Why do manufacturers insist on removing our beloved USB-A and SD card connections from our new laptops? So, here’s how you get around it: USB adapters! There’s a strong chance you still have a lot of non-USB-C technology. You don’t have to upgrade your entire technological life just because you acquired a new computer by using convenient USB adapters to connect your new computers to your USB-A hard drives and other gear.

The 7 Best Camera Bags For The Adventurous Photographer in 2021

7 Best Camera Bags for the Photographer in 2021

A camera bags job is kind of a delicate balancing act. A bag must be secure enough to protect your pricey DSLR or mirrorless camera while also being accessible enough for you to swiftly grab it to take a shot. It must be large enough to hold all of your critical photography accessories, such as your best tripod or a variety of lenses, while also being small enough to carry with you wherever you go. It’s no easy task, which is why you should look for a good camera bag.

5 Best Sound Cards for Your PC in 2021

5 Best Sound Cards for Your PC in 2021

To obtain decent sound quality on your PC a few years ago, you required a specialized sound card. Modern PCs do not require sound cards because audio hardware is built into the motherboard.

7 disposable cameras for capturing your memories.

7 disposable cameras for capturing your memories.

You’re all too familiar with them. For some of us, disposable cameras were the first cameras we were ever trusted to use as children, while others were shooting away at high school graduations and college parties alike with this worry-free pocket-buddy that was considerably more helpful before the world of camera phones.

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