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Whenever you need to secure your stuff, you are to have a lock which is convenient to use being light weight and, certainly, secure.

TAPP is the only padlock which possesses the property of being used without key, combination code or a smart phone. TAPP padlock is encrypted with fingerprint sensor which makes your success possible in just 0.8 seconds, making it the quickest padlock in the world.

Quality Features:

As bio-metrics is becoming a leading technology in the field of security and identification to ensure the authenticity of the user, some lock maker companies have taken the benefit of this technology to design such locks which operate on the basis of finger print.

TappLock is available in two models

  1. TappLock
  2. TappLock Lite

Never lose Your Keys:

No need to worry about losing your key, forgetting your lock pattern and combination code. TAPP is a lock which unlocks with one which you always have with you, your finger print.

Alarm Enabled:

It is also capable of keeping the undesired persons away from it. There is an alarm in the lock which becomes active whenever an un authorized person tries to unlock or cut it.


Access to Second Person:

However you can give the access to your desired persons through your smartphone app. If you want to abolish the access to that person then it is just the matter of a tap.


Tap lock is embedded with a lithium ion battery that can last up to 3 years on just one charge.

Bluetooth Access:

Tap lock can also be accessed through your smartphone as it has Bluetooth 4.1.


No weather effect:

TappLock is also water resistant so there is no need to worry about it to be damaged with rain or snow.


Emergency Charger:

If you are out of station and your mobile phone battery is getting low, you may recharge it using the TappLock’s battery. So TappLock also serves as an emergency charger.

Multiple Color:

TappLock allow you to make choice of your preference color between the two, the Black and the White.


Demo video:


Problems you may face:

TappLock run out of battery:

Usually the battery life of a TappLock is 3 years if you use it daily and of a TappLock is 6 months. However if the device runs out of battery it will send a notification on your smartphone. In case of TappLock Lite the battery can easily be replaced.

If fingerprint Sensor fails:

TappLock is embedded with one of the best fingerprint sensors available in the market. However in rare cases if the fingerprint sensor is damaged or fails to work the user can open the lock with Bluetooth via smartphone.

If someone replicate your fingerprint:

During daily routine we place our fingerprint nearly on everything we touch. However to copy the fingerprint from such a public place and then replicate it is nearly an impossible task because the sensor reads the impression microscopically and thus will not identify anything except the actual one.
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