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Tapdo | The Smallest Remote Smart Button for Everything

Tapdo is a smart button which works as remote and controlled with your fingerprints. Using Tapdo you can control all of your devices and favorite apps with just a tap of a button. It’s probably the smartest approach to interact technology. It’s simple, fun and magic too!


How Tapdo Smart Button Works?

The ingenious button functions with a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor makes it possible to assign lots of functions, about more than 20, to just a single button simultaneously. In this way your hand becomes a remote control.

Control a device or an app per finger and make use of similar triggers for similar parts of a finger.


Watch Tapdo in Action!

Powerful Tapdo App:

The Tapdo is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, than scans the fingerprints. The button scans impressions for different parts of the fingers separately. Furthermore it can detect different orientations of the same part of the finger so as to assign separate action for each orientation.

To assign and perform these actions actually you have to download the Tapdo App. Connect the smartphone to the smart button and then scan a part of the finger and chose the action which you are to assign to this individual part. In the similar manner you may get your whole hand tuned with the Tapdo gadget as well as the companion app.

What you can do with Tapdo?

Tapdo allows you to control all of your devices simultaneously with just a single tap on the button. Using Tapdo app specific tasks can be assigned to different parts of the hand. The smart ingenious button can identify all the different impressions of the finger parts.


Where to Buy?

The Tapdo smart button is available on  KICKSTARTER for pre-order. The early birds may get it in Sep2017. The price is a bit high but one thing is confirm that it is perhaps the simplest, versatile and innovative device of the decade.

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