Tag Heuer smartwatch

Tag Heuer smartwatch

The Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch is absolutely circular, freed from protrusions or odd-shaped displays, and is fronted through a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that protects a high-decision OLED touchscreen.

Golf, the remaining game for the social distancer. Not most effective can you revel in a swift 9 holes without seeing a soul, if each person does attempt to come close you can maintain them at arm’s length by using wafting a club in the direction of their direction. While at it, you may display off your rather high priced new Tag Heuer Connected designed for golfers.

But the Tag Heuer smartwatch golfing edition watch comes with a few extra bells and whistles, which when linked to the app show you 2D and three-D renders of the course, data approximately dangers and distance to the green, correct shot distances and a neat dial across the bezel displaying you how properly you’ve done on every hole.

Furthering the golfing credentials, it additionally has a white rubber strap that looks a bit like a golf ball. Very swish.

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Tag Heuer smartwatch


Amazing 3d renderings thanks to the TAG Heuer Golf app technology. Greens, bunkers, water hazards, trees: the TAG Heuer Golf utility measures the distance to all of the hazards at the golf route and recommends you which ones membership to use. Analyze the route and examine the panorama with high-contrast and really seen graphics.


Easily tune your ratings and live ranking with optimized shows. The TAG Heuer Golf application will music your progress after every recorded shot. Average distance with each of your clubs, index, statistical analysis: a dashboard shows the key indicators of your game and lets you navigate without difficulty via the statistics. Like a linked caddy, the TAG Heuer Golf application facilitates you to better understand your game and improve, step by using the step.


Measure your shot distance with extraordinary accuracy, then overview your common distance with each club and examine the accuracy of your drives. With the “Driving Zone” feature, visualize preceding shots you made on that hollow to target in which you carry out best.

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