Suunto Core All Black Outdoor Watch

These days, watches are known for doing a whole lot of things rather than providing time to users. The trend of wearing watches will always remain even in the middle of computers and cell phones which have built in watches to show time. If you like Grylls bears and doing adventure outdoors, your outdoor watch can be your best companion in the middle of a thick jungle or falling snow in the mountains.

Watch is considered a status symbol  these days. It is much more than a time seeking device. The wrist watches are designed to suit every occasion. Suunto Core All Black outdoor watch is specially designed for the fun lovers and adventurers who want to keep track of their time with enhanced capabilities. This beautiful watch can also be given as a timeless gift to your favorite loved ones and become a sweet memory for them. You can wear Sunto Core at the workplace to keep track of your time and complete your work efficiently with it. Watches can overwhelm you if you are not sure what purpose they are serving you.

This  great watch is made for special occasions like partying outdoors, traveling outside for business or having an adventure with the whole family in the mountains. This is an extensive piece of technology. The best outdoor watch is within your grasp now because the company has done a hard work to design and develop a great masterpiece.  This outdoor watch will suit your budget and will not make you regret your spending on it.

  • Awesome Features of Suunto Core All Black Watch
  • The great Suunto Core All Black is specifically designed for outdoor people, it also includes an altimeter in it.
  • The Sunno Core All black comes with a compass and a barometer for free in the same price.
  • The design is elegant and most modern. It looks beautiful on the wrist and gives you the value for your money.
  • It has a stainless steel crown which protects It is made of soft silicon material.
  • It also includes a wrist band with it which gives you awesome power during traveling outside to view your health statistics in detail. It can even tell your heart rate when you are running and helps you take care of your health on the outside.

Suunto Core All Black Outdoor Watch


  • Altimeter (-500 to 9000 m / differences recording functions: 1, 5, 10, 30, 60 s)


  • It has a barometer free of cost included in it. It shows direction with accuracy and scale direction with Precision of 5 ° c
  • it also shows you the temperature in the range of -20 to +60 ° C / ° F -5-140
  • It is a complete weather station which helps outdoor people It shows water pressure at the sea and shows temperature as well.
  • The alarm clock also comes free with the super outdoor watch, it will wake you up in he middle of woods
  • It is specially designed in genius way for mountain areas and other environments which are challenging and tough to survive.
  • If you don’t know timings of sunrise and sunset, always depend on your Suunto watch.
  • It is a multifunction watch which shows date and time both
  • Its battery is replaceable when it wears out.
  • The dimensions are 1 x 49.1 x 14.5 mm
  • The weight is 83 grams which are light weight, feels good on the wrist
  • It is made of different materials like steel bezel or glass mineral crystal .
  • The strap is very comfortable and new silicon strap provides great grip
  • This great watch is useful under a hundred feet of water
  • It is a water proof watch as a bonus. It does not get affected by water even under the sea or during swimming.
  • There is a serial number at the back, you can use that to claim your one year warranty.
  • Packed in him beautiful original black Suunto black box which has a Suunto seal.
  • Unboxing the Suunto Core All black

Unboxing it is easy. Just open the black box of Suunto Core  All Black and gently put it out with your hands and fingers. It comes with the plastic sleeves in the brand new condition.  The box also contains additional components except for the watch. At the bottom of the packing box, the all important user guide is available to understand the controls and functionality of the incredible new outdoor watch.

The guide is helpful which opens like a map.You will have all the basic functions of the watch there. You can set he buttons and set the watch with its help.  You can also read about the support website on the offical Suunto website of the watch.

The watch when brand new comes with a plastic film and sleeves. You need to get them off  The real watch is very good looking and light.The strap is a flexible one and very comfortable. You can take these sleeves off  The strap is nice and solid, the backside of the watch is also secure with a film.if you remove the back film then you can see the serial number of the watch.

Who is This Watch Suitable For?

This watch is the hot favorite item for the lovers of adventure and ultimate outdoor folks who want nothing short of an excellent piece of latest gadget on their wrists. It is suitable for all types of adventures outside. If you love to dive in the deep seas, then this is your perfect companion under the sea.if you are a runner, then this watch will record your running statistics and advise how to improve your running and maintain a good heart rate. You can win the marathon with it.

The budget is this watch is not as low as of an ordinary wrist watch by Sony or Seko. Obviously, so many amazing features are packed in one little unit of Suunto Core All Black. If will suit your budget if you want to spend some dollars on improving your health and enjoying your outdoors.

Not many watches which claim to be waterproof are able to resist water like this outdoor Suunto watch. This will make your diving more fun. You can do scuba diving without worrying about wetting your watch. Surfboarding gets better with Suunto Core All black with all the great features it has to offer you. It shows you the depth underwater and temperature. The sailors would love to wrap it around their wrists in the seas. The battery life is also good which allows you to use it for 20 hours or more.

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