Survival Capsule is the ultimate solution

In the last decade, millions of people were subjected to catastrophic death as a result of 2011’s Tsunami in Japan and increasing earthquakes, volcanoes and storms worldwide. The Survival Capsule is the ultimate solution to be safe from almost every emergency situation like earthquake, fire, hurricanes, storms and Tsunami.

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Design of Survival Capsule:

Built with survivability and strength in mind, this huge spherical ball may save your life during any catastrophic situation. This PSS allows the individuals and groups to survive during a Tsunami, or under other survival situation, safely. No matter how deep the water is, it will never inundate by water levels.
The capsule, designed by experienced aerospace engineers, will operate efficiently and safely in harsh situations and severe environment.

Ensuring the quality and Effectiveness:

Survival Capsule is capable of tolerating all natural disasters, sharp object infiltration, heat exposure, rapid deceleration, and impact of blunt objects.

The capsule itself is a spherical metal cage enclosed in space-craft grade aluminum shell whose inside is lined with thermal blanket made of ceramic. The thermal blanket prevents the inhabitants of the capsule from extreme hotness or coldness.

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The Survival Capsule comes in various sizes ranging from 2 person’s capacity to 10 person’s capacity.
The smaller sized capsules are suitable for home families and private dwellings. While the large Survival Capsules are prepared for public places like hospitals, business centers, schools and airports. The design of the capsule is so that it can be mounted outside, inside the home or a public place.

The capsule also carries oxygen gas cylinders, one for each rider, to increase the usefulness if trapped under water.

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Features of the Survival Capsule:

• The capsule has at least two seats having four-point safety belts.
• Sufficient storage space for five days survival supply per person
• Internal light facility
• GPS technology enabled
• Proper vents for ventilation
• Mount/stand for capsule
• Oxygen supply cylinders (one for each rider)
• Marine like door (opens from outside as well as inside)


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