Survival Bracelet


compassA para cord bracelet, also known as parachute bracelet, is a bracelet made of nylon wire which is a very flexible material. It is an important survival tool, that’s why this is called survival bracelet. It is usually worn by hikers, climbers, survivalists and other persons who like adventures like outdoor camping.


Survival bracelet is a necessary tool which an army soldier must have. A typical nylon para cord bracelet is shown here

  • Size: approx. 22x2cm/8.7×0.8inch
  • Knitted up by several feet of parachute cord




A typical survival bracelet has 10-15 feet of para cord wound in it.

Depending upon the model it may be unwound without cutting into cords. Many bracelets have a lock or a pin which you pull to unwound the braid. Just use a lighter to melt the end of the cord and twist the fibers around on themselves.

Once unwound, it has a lot which you can do with it.


These bracelets are very helpful in different emergency situations. It is enough for any emergency case, e.g.

First Aid:

first-aid-768x565With a nearly 15 feet wire, this bracelet is of great use for the first aid purpose. The first task in such a situation may be the need of delivering a patient from one place to another using some sort of surface which may slide smoothly with the earth and this job can be easily done with the help of such a bracelet.






It may also be used to form a tourniquet however it should be minded that the use of a
tourniquet should be made by a professional because it usually damages the part of the body where it is worn. However if the professional is not available than make sure that tying the tourniquet is your last option in case of savior bleeding and you think losing an arm or leg is not of great loss.



Hunting and Fishing

It is also helpful for hunting purpose and the list of applications is very extensive in such a category. You may use the seven strands as a long length of rope or cord and if this length is not enough you may use the inner fibers of the bracelet.

Wilderness survival:


If you are in an emergency scenario where there is no hope for help but you are wearing your bracelet than no need to be worry. One of the basic needs in such a case is the need to have a shelter to be warm and dry. You may unwind your bracelet and make a temporary shelter with a tent.





If you need to climb up a tree, use the cord of your bracelet as a rope and in this way you can easily do the job without harm.

And if you are starving for food, you can also use the para cord to ignite the fire.

Demo video:

Versatility with Functionality:

paracord-bracelets-810x544square-braid-285x300In addition to utility uses para cord bracelet is also a fashion. The bracelets are available in different color combinations. It may be used as decoration and other sports activities.

Purchase and Price:

Usually its price ranges from US $1 / piece to US $15 / piece

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