Sunflower Drone Security System

The Sunflower Drone Security System seems like something the CIA would use in a futuristic movie. The smart Bee drone flies around your house to detect and even deter unwanted traffic. Then, the Bee flies to the Hive while it’s time to recharge. Bee additionally communicates with Sunflowers to understand the boundaries and format of your property for accurate safety.

Add brighter protection around your property with the Sunflower Home Awareness System Drone Security Setup. This device can experience and deter unwanted traffic before they even make it for your door. The Sunflower machine consists of three main additives along with the Bee, Sunflowers, and Hive. The Bee is a self-sufficient drone that includes a camera whilst the Sunflowers are sensors that light up the area. Similarly, the Hive is a self-charging base that maintains the Bee ready. Sunflowers examine the workouts on your own home and warn you if it detects any unusual activity. Plus, the warm lighting creates a lovable environment for your garden.


Following the Sunflowers’ sensors, the Bee flies autonomously to the scene to seize what’s happening. You can also manually direct the bee to any vicinity on your house. Finally, the weatherproof Hive lets in the Bee to land and fee when its work is done.

Your Sunflower, your privacy
Sunflower’s sensor-powered device provides non-stop insights while keeping privacy in your complete control. You choose when to deploy the camera, as well as where and a way to shop your data.

Next-gen flight safety
The bee is one of the world’s safest UAVs, thanks to advanced capabilities like ultrasonic object-avoidance technology and infra-red touchdown cameras. It’s also geofenced for your property, ensuring it never flies astray.

The mild of the party
Sunflower gives severe security—but it’s additionally critically fun. Fly the bee at some stage in outside gatherings to capture aerial pictures and videos. And add ambiance in your events by customizing your Sunflower lighting to at least one of five festive colorways.

Aware, from anywhere
Monitor your private home from any location inside the world the usage of the Sunflower cell app. Receive alerts, view a heatmap of interest, and install the drone in seconds to see stay aerial video footage of your property.

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