Steamery Cirrus No.2

Steamery Cirrus

CIRRUS NO.2 STEAMER – Steamery Cirrus No.2 is our new updated hand steamer.​ The soft, matte finish and woven cord give Steamery Cirrus No.2 a premium touch. Steamery Cirrus No.2 besides the luxurious design​ also has a front in brushed stainless steel, designed to spread the steam evenly over the fabric to smooth out all creases in just one swipe. It heats up in 25 seconds and weighs just 590 grams to fit an urban lifestyle.

  • Imported
  • ✅ REMOVE WRINKLES FAST AND EFFICIENTLY – Make your garments smooth and crease-unfastened with Steamery Cirrus No.2 material steamer. As opposed to ironing, steaming goes easy and is totally innocent even to fabric that can’t be ironed.
  • ✅ PRESERVE YOUR CLOTHES – The steam will additionally cast-off unfresh odors and dust stains, and make the cloth thicker and richer in color. Steaming is a sustainable choice for washing clothes that only want to be refreshed.
  • ✅ PORTABLE HANDHELD STEAMER – Truly a transportable steamer, carry this apparel steamer with you at the same time as you travel. A heat safety bag is covered and lets in you to keep the steamer easily.
  • ✅ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Steamery Cirrus No.2 combines the high-quality of two worlds; it’s an efficient however easy-to-use steamer this is additionally the best choice if you want to fashion curtains, bed linen, and different textiles within the home.
  • ✅ WELL-RECOGNIZED BRAND – We create stunning and easy-to-use tools for garb care. We combine excessive generation with Scandinavian design, and the end result is simplistic tools on the way to make your clothes ultimate longer.
Steamery Cirrus


• Front plate in stainless steel – engineered to spread the steam evenly over the fabric

• Starts in 25 seconds

• Weighs: 0,59 kg

• 75 ml water tank – 6 min of on-demand steam (enough to steam one full outfit)

• Up to 15 g steam/min (Cirrus No.2 has pressurized steam to obtain the same steam as a floor-standing steamer)

• Easy water refill without unplugging the steamer from the power outlet

• We recommend you to use distilled water in your steamer

  • Starts fast and easy to use
  • Ideal to bring on travels
  • Great for steaming curtains, bedding pillows, etc

Save time and wash less frequently Make your clothes smooth and crease-free with Cirrus No.2. As opposed to ironing, steaming goes easy and is totally harmless even to fabrics that can’t be ironed. The steam will also remove unfresh odors and dirt stains, and make the fabric thicker and richer in color. Steaming is a sustainable option for washing clothes that only need to be refreshed. Cirrus No.2 combines the best of two worlds; it’s an efficient but easy-to-use steamer and a minimalistic design. The Cirrus No.2 is also the best choice if you want to style curtains, bed linen and other textiles in the home.

Steamery Cirrus
steamer work


A steamer works by urgent warm steam (near 100 degrees C) through the material. The steam reasons the fabric fibers to swell, soften, and regain their natural shape.

A steamed garment becomes wrinkle-free and soft, but the steam will also beautify the color and make the material experience thicker. Simply put your garments will look smooth and stylish. The steam will also cast off some odors, dust, and dirt. Steaming is like airing on fast-forward. Using a steamer to refresh your garments after use approach much less washing. Less frequent washing is a win-win situation for you and the environment. When we think of clothes as worn out, they are actually most often washed out. Excessive washing is the cause of why garments lose both shape and coloration. Not to mention its a waste of water. Steaming is a gentle option for ironing. When ironing there’s always a danger of scorching and (and some distance from all textiles may be ironed). Ironing on stains way a danger of making them permanent.

difference of ironing and streaming


What differs a steamer from iron is good to know. For maximum people, a steamer is an alternative for the iron. For some, it will paintings as a complement to the iron.

Earlier we stated that a steamer works by using causing the textile fibers to swell. An ironworks through knocking down the fibers. Both techniques will make your garments wrinkle-free but in distinctive ways.

For maximum garments, you decide on the steamed look, however, for some, you may decide upon the finish you get from the iron. We’re used to seeing white cotton shirts pressed, and plenty of picking them that way. The iron will make the shirts look bright and high-quality flat, while a steamed white cotton shirt could have a matte end. It’s a matter of taste really.

textile streamed


You can steam all textiles besides for leather and suede. For instance, you may steam silk and viscose – fabrics that might be effortlessly ruined with an iron. A steamer can never scorch you delicate fabric for the reason that steam head never receives that warm. It’s just the steam itself this is hot.

Steamery Cirrus 1

Why Steam?

Make your clothes last longer by steaming them after use instead of washing. Clothes that are excessively washed lose both shape and color. Garments we call worn-out is most often washed-out. The steam causes the textile fibers to swell and regain their natural shape. You can steam almost any fabric (except leather and suede), and therefore you can steam even the clothes that can’t be ironed. Steaming is like airing on fast-forward: it removes unfresh odors and kills some bacterias.

Steamed clothes are:

  • Wrinkle-free and soft
  • Fresh: the steam removes dust and some bacterias
  • Matte (as compared to an iron which makes the fabric shiny)
Steamery Cirrus 2

This Sleek Handheld Steamer Is Saving My Clothes This Fashion Season

Okay, I’ll admit it; I hate ironing. And I mean absolutely hate it, as in I’d clearly alternatively wear crumpled clothes than bring out iron, watch for it to warmness up, faff around try and get the creases out and necessarily make everything look a million instances worse. Much to my mom’s disdain, I don’t even clearly very own an iron, because I just understand I will never use it. However, journeying around Europe for Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm Fashion Weeks in this beyond month alone has left my garments searching more matted than every day, and frankly, I need a solution.

Thankfully, that’s in which Stockholm-based company Steamery comes in. Not best does its product presenting encapsulate the whole thing we love about slick, minimal Scandinavian design; there’s an equal cognizance on function, too. Seriously, for folks who hate menial chores as I do, this is a lifesaver – only a few brief swipes and my tees have never regarded crisper.

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