Spy Gadgets- See the World through Hidden Eye

With the improving technology day by day world is going to be digital. Many times yo need to inspect a thing or person but you are not able to do it directly. For this purpose you need a spy gadgets i.e. a spy gadget which should do this job silently and effectively. Here i am going to introduce you with two of such astonishing devices,

  1. Spy Pen
  2. Mini Spy Tank

(1)     Mini Spy-Pen with hidden HD Video Camera

Here I am going to introduce you the world’s high quality spy gadget, the spy pen, with hidden digital video and audio recorder. The pen is very brilliant in recording with five mega pixels CMOS camera. The product looks like a casual writing pen. No one knows except you that you are having a spy video recorder in your pocket. This pen with you never lets you to miss any important moment to record.

Mini Spy-Pen with hidden HD Video Camera

Features of the Spy Pen:

  1. The pen can record pics, audios as well as videos with HD results.
  2. It can record for upto 20 hours with high resolution result.
  3. The pen comes with 4GB SD removable card and can support upto 32GB.
  4. The battery is rechargeable and can work upto
  5. When recording is on, date and time are automatically stamped at bottom of the screen.
  6. This not just an electronic device but also perform writing function just like a formal pen.
  7. It is compatible with all operating systems iOS, Linux and Windows.


The spy pen with its high resolution cam is suitable for students to record lectures as well as for business men to get record the business meeting.


The functioning of the camera is very simple and easy. There is a start button at the top of the pen just like the on/off button in normal pens. As you press the start button on the top for a while, a red LED blinks and then blue light starts blinking, the video mode is on. To pause, click once and red light is on standby mode. Now if you are to record audio, quickly press the start-button the times and blue light on standby mode pauses the audio recording. To continue press it once and with blinking blue light audio recording starts. Now quickly press the button three times and with this capturing mode is on. You press the button once and with double red blink picture is captured. All this automatically saves in the removable SD card. One more important feature is that you do not need an extra device to import the recorded data to your computer. Just open the pen and insert into computer just like a USB and enjoy the technology.

Demo Video:

Where to buy this spy gadget?

Where to buy this spy gadget

(2)    i-Spy – A mini spy tank compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad

This is a remote control (RC) spy gadget with camera which is capable of live audio and video streaming and taking still pictures. It is a perfect device for special tasks that are done by special agents. The camera can adjust itself in low light with built in infrared night vision.

The spy tank can be controlled with the help of the app from any of your i-Devices. It connects via Wi-Fi over a range of about 100 foot. However the range may be greater in the absence of obstacles. The tank transmits sound with the help of built in microphone to the connected device.

Quality features of spy tank:

  • 3 MP adjustable camera
  • The angle of the camera can be adjust moving it up, down, right, left.
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Remote control four direction movement
  • Works by connecting via Wi-Fi
  • High performance rechargeable battery

Demo Video:

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