SprayCare Band

The SprayCare Band is one of the most ingenious entries in the series, and it makes sense when you read. It is a wearable strip, which sprays sanitizer with the touch of a button on your hands. The way to remain safe from the COVID-19 pandemic does not seem as insane as it is. It makes sense. On the cool metre it’s incredibly high for sanitisers to spray like Spiderman pulls webs out of his wrist. It’s a fantastic wearing accessory if you need to sanitise your hands or a surface with 40 sprays per refill.

Avoid these bottles and use band

How it Works

You can quickly disinfect any surface using SprayCareTM. You may apply the sanitising fluid to any surface or palm of your hand. When it is time for SprayCare recharge to never leave you uncontrolled, an LED indicator may glow.SprayCare™ uses one of the latest generation atomizers to electronically spray the disinfectant at the touch of a button.

SprayCare Band


Our atomizer delivers goutlets with a higher coverage. The effect is to use the disinfectant effectively and economically.

Popular sprayers are less convenient for sanitising commons mainly because large drops of the liquid dispensed are created by the pins. These broad drops allow the disinfectant to be used unevenly and leave some areas unclean.


The  price of this band is US$ 32,047

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