SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger – Solar Charger for Mobile Phones

SOLSOL Solar Hat is a fashionable and stylish hat the world’s first “battery free” solar charger. It causes an extra increase in battery life of your iPhone, Android phone and other smart devices. The SOLSOL solar hat delivers clean and renewable power to your device, to be charged.


How the SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger works?

The SOLSOL Solar Hat is light weight, comfortable as well as water resistant. It looks like just a “snapback” baseball hat. As the sunlight hits the flat brim of the Solar Hat, the power is available through a 5 V USB port, placed in a pocket on left side of the hat, for charging your phone.


Importance of SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger:

Most people, who are data junkie, continuously use their mobile phones all the day and obviously they always need to charge their mobile phone.  For this purpose they have to keep more than one portable chargers / power banks with them which are bulky to carry with as well as annoying.

According to a research, sun supplies enough solar energy to earth in one hour that is enough to power all things on earth for a year. SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger is a big step to flourish portable solar technology.


Features of Solar Hat:

  • Imported
  • 100% pure cotton
  • LXTSOL 5 V USB outlet port
  • 5 panel stylish snapback hat
  • Not dangerous being battery free, No radiations
  • High performance mono-crystalline solar cells
  • Long lasting, upto 25 years if used with care
  • Available in different colors


Benefits with SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger:

  • Charging facility as you are on the go
  • Useful for camping, fishing, hiking, survival and other outdoor activities
  • Generates clean and renewable energy
  • Produces no waste/pollution
  • Looks fashionable and elegant
  • Keeps you shaded and cool
  • The product is reliable as well as affordable
  • Causes to reduce carbon footprint




The highly efficient solar panels on the bill of the SOLSOL Solar Hat provide you an easy way to charge your smart devices. You have to insert your USB extension port into LXTSOL USB outlet port of the hat and connect the other end of the extension wire into your smart device. Now go outside in the sun and you all time portable solar charger is with you.

The 5V LXTSOL USB port make it compatible with almost all smart devices with a USB port and the list include;

  1. iPhone 5,6,6s, iPAD, iPOD
  2. Android phones
  3. Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones
  4. Go-Pro and Digital Cameras
  5. Kindle, Tablets


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