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SolarGapsSolarGaps are the smart window blinds that generate solar energy to reduce your electricity upto 70%. It’s a nice solution for those who don’t want or can’t install expensive solar panels on their rooftop, especially for renters, apartment residents, offices and commercial plazas.

SolarGaps smart window blinds track the sun’s path, automatically, throughout the day so as to adjust the position to optimal angle capturing maximum energy. The developers have engineered the smart window blinds to reduce energy expenses, generate renewable green energy without any environment pollution.

Features at Glance:

1. Plug & Play:


You can install the SolarGaps smart window blinds temporarily or permanently. Keeping in mind, the apartment renters, the wall brackets (interior) are designed as non-permanent i.e. plug and play solution is available in addition to permanent installation for homeowners.

2. Energy Generating:

Integrated solar panels generate about 100 W to 150 W of renewable green energy from 10 square feet of window. This amount of energy is sufficient to power about 30 LED lights.

3. Energy Reducing:

In addition to generating and providing you the renewable solar energy it also reduces the energy consumption by shading home interior.

AFFORDABLE4. Affordable:

The surplus energy can be stored in a battery or can be sold to the electricity company via two-way meter provided by the company.

5. Smart Features:

The SolarGaps smart window blinds are compatible with smart devices like Echo, Google Home, and Nest Thermostat. Moreover it can also be controlled by temperature, voice and smart app.

6. Automatic Operation:AUTOMATIC OPERATION

To absorb maximum energy from sun, smart window blinds adjust themselves automatically at an optimal angle to ensure maximum energy storage.

Additionally you can setup the schedule and smart window blinds will operate themselves as per your pre preset schedule e.g. they will automatically open when it’s your wake-up time and close when the weather is hot.

ANDROID & IOS APP7. Android & iOS App:

The SolarGaps smart window blinds can be controlled with a single touch on your smartphone. The compatible Android as well as iOS apps allow you to raise, lower or change the blinds angle. You may check that how much energy is generated.

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