Sofa and Bunk Bed 2 in 1

The Flip sofa bunk bed converts into an everyday bed with a wood-slatted bed base, it is supplied with thick spring mattresses as standard, foam mattresses are available as options, three different arm options low, high and wide and all covers are completely detachable and washable according to the chosen fabric.

Flip Bunk Bed Sofa

An innovative piece of furniture which transforms from a sofa into a bunk bed in just 12 seconds has gone on the market. The sofa easily transforms into a bed in a matter of seconds and can accommodate two adults. Users simply lift up the cushions, which allows the bottom of the sofa to move to the top – transforming it into a bunk bed.

Mattress options

mattress_spring Bunk Bed
Standard Spring Mattress
Support is achieved by hourglass-shaped springs held together in rows by spiral helical wires.

Medium to soft comfort

mattress_foam Bunk Bed
Performance Foam Mattress

A high performance foam.

Medium to firm comfort


Armrest options
Bunk Bed
Low – 3cm arm
Bunk Bed
High- 3cm arm
Bunk Bed
13cm arm





Bunk Bed


Users simply lift up the cushions, which allows the bottom of the sofa to effortlessly move to the top – transforming it into a bed.

The smaller version of the unique two-seated sofa is 206cm wide and 149cm tall when it is extended into a bunk bed

We have several different categories of both fabrics and leathers, most of our sofas have lose covers, some fabrics can be pre-washed on request, this allows you to wash them in your machine, we can also produce any of our models in your own fabric.

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sofa Bunk Bed size
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Price: $ 3,000

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