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Smartphone Gadgets have become such a big part of our lives and makes our life much easier. We use them as alarm clocks, for communication, and for payments. However, there’s more to them, and we made a list of 10 awesome smartphone gadgets. Some look as if they came out of a sci-fiction book! Check them out!

Partron Croise.a Smart Thermometer

Partron Croise.a Smart Thermometer- Top 10 smatphone Gadgets

Why use an old-school thermometer if you can go digital? Utilize your smartphone and this awesome gadget to check the temperature of almost anything.

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Partron Croise.a Thermo Capsule with a thermopile sensor is a non-contact IR thermometer which is approved as a medical device by FDA and KFDA. The small and light product makes it portable. You can put it in your bag, wear it like a necklace, carry it as a key chain. You connect it into the mobile ear jack and run an app to use it. App. can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.


  • Non contact skin infrared thermometer
  • Compatibility: Android 4.2 and above software version/iOS 7.0 and above software version
  • Various measurements such as body temperature and object temperature, record and save enabled
  • Made in Korea

Non-contact type makes it sanitary and safe. It provides fast and accurate data within 5 seconds. It can measure your body temperature or others, even your pet’s. You can also check the surface temperature of each object. The Partron Croise.a Thermo Capsule is the most convenient thermometer!

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