Smart Remote – A Remote Control for Everything in Your Home

World is going digital with every passing moment of time. A lot of things at your home are electronic and most of them have a remote control, e.g. a light bulb, A.C, T.V, music player, fans, cams, thermostats and smart hubs etc. Each of the appliances is controlled with a separate remote control device.

Have you thought about controlling all the devices (smart devices) at your home with a single remote? For a long time peoples were trying to design such a remote control that can work with all electronic (smart) devices at home.  And now this is possible. The French developers, Sevenhugs, have recently developed Smart Remote that can control all smart things at your home.


Once you set the preliminary setup, as you point the remote at any smart device the screen shows the device on the screen and then you can tap the screen to turn the device on or off. It works for only smart devices and as you point it on any family person it does nothing.

Why is it needed?

Probably you have information about the smart remote apps than with these apps being there why we are interested in developing the smart remote? No doubt you are capable of controlling the devices with your smartphone remote app but the kids at home don’t have smartphones. Although your wife have smartphone but she is not having it always with her. So there is need of such a talented device which can control all the home devices and SmartRemote does this brilliantly.

How it works?

The Smart Remote works with three positioning sensors. You have to install three sensors in the room where you are to use the Smart Remote. After that you configure all the devices with Smart Remote. Now every time you point the remote at any of the devices, it determines its position in the room with the help of positioning sensors and then displays an interface on the touch screen showing that particular device. The remote find its location within 4cm to 40cm, says Tchedikian, CEO at Sevenhugs.

The Smart Remote can work with more than 25,000 Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices. The devices include smart TVs, smart bulbs, Sonos wireless speakers, Nest’s Thermostat and smart home hubs.

Besides controlling the smart devices, you can use it for some other purposes. You may configure it with window to display a weather update or with your door to make a call for Uber (taxy).

Revolutionizing the technology:

Sevenhugs has designed an open API (application programing interface) for other technology interested persons to support and improve the device. Moreover the Software Developer Kit (SDK) is also available for the programmers keen to enhance the services and features of the device.

The device is beneficial but……!

If you have studied all the feature of the SmartRemote, I hope you are going to love it. I just wana to tell you one big drawback of the device that it works only in the room where you have put the sensors and not at all out of that room. However the button on the charging pad will help you to locate the Smart Remote. As you press the button the remote will give out a tone and therefor you can easily locate it.

Demo video:


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