SMART Kapp: An Innovative Interactive White Board

SMART Kapp is a smart capture white board that anyone can see  from anywhere. SMART Kapp looks like an ordinary dry erase white board but this incredibly intelligent smart device is more than just a whiteboard. Plugin the board and start writing and drawing on it just like a casual writing board. However, using Kapp app, everything that you write on the board can be saved in library and can also be shared with others.

Interactive White Board

The SMART Kapp App:

The SMART Kapp attaches Bluetooth-enabled smart devices with the help of Kapp App. Everyone logged-in to your meeting can see all that you write and draw on the board. People may remain tuned from anyplace in the world. Just press a button and everything is saved to the App’s library.

Interactive White Board

Adding-on for SMART Notebook:

The add-on facility allows you to save the notes taken from SMART Kapp into the Notebook. The Notebook can save, resize, erase and plot a graph within it. The timeline feature permits you to replay your students work and observe their ideas.

Easy and Perfect Learning:Interactive White Board


Kapp App automatically tracks everything written on the Kapp capture board.  So you don’t need to rush for taking notes rather you may focus on discussion during the lecture.


Effective Group Collaboration:                                                Interactive White Board

The Kapp device is highly effective for students especially for group discussions. You may save group work and then share with others through email or other communication sources. You can present your work on the SMART board in front of the rest of the class.



Multi-Purpose Use:                          Interactive White Board

Different students working on different projects can easily share their notes via mobile devices and the supervisor can coach them being anywhere and can check and guide them all the time.




Athletic Facilities:Interactive White Board

The sports trainers can easily explain the strategic details to the athletes. They can draw the strategic picture on the Kapp whiteboard and share them to the team members.





Connectivity with Smart Devices:

SMART Kapp capture board is compatible with all other bluetooth enabled smart devices. SMART Kapp can attatch upto 250 devices at a time.

Interactive White Board

Available Models:

SMART Kapp is available in two models which include a 42” and other 84” capture board.

Interactive White Board

See the Introduction Video:

Where to Buy?

Price: $ 325

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