Singlecue Gen 2 Gesture Control System

Singlecue Gen 2 Gesture Control System

Price: $139

Have a seamless smart home system with the Singlecue Gen 2 Gesture Control System. Compatible with a variety of devices, this system puts the power literally in your hands. With simple gestures, you can turn on the lights, activate your thermostat, unlock your door, and much more. Incredibly, the single cue Gen 2 works without an app, remote, or even a wearable. Instead, all you need is your hand. It functions with over 100,000 IR and Wi-Fi devices including all major brands. And, best of all, setup takes just minutes. Taking your smart home to a new level, the singlecue Gen 2 will change everything. From the way you watch TV to the way you get ready for bed, singlecue Gen 2 can do it all.

Goodbye clutter

No more clutter of remote controls and apps, a single
gesture is all you need to get full control over the TV and
entertainment devices in your living room. Please check the
full list of supported devices on our compatibility page.

Magic in your hands

Control singlecue by simply moving your finger in the air.
No remotes, no apps, just you.

Your living room, now connected

Have your existing devices work together as one, using
singlecue’s interface and touch-free gestures.
singlecue supports IR-remote controlled devices as well as
selected Wi-Fi enabled ones.

Quick & easy setup

inglecue is accompanied by a mobile app which allows
you to teach singlecue what devices you have in your living
room and what activities you wish to control.


  • EASY – Control your entertainment devices with just your hand! No need to juggle remotes to enjoy your viewing experience.
  • FAST – Swiftly turn On / Off, Mute, Play / Pause, switch sources (i.e. Netflix to live cable), jump to favorite channels, and perform other device functions – with a simple hand gesture.
  • ALSO WITH VOICE – singlecue extends Alexa’s control to your TV & entertainment devices, just ask Alexa to tell singlecue to switch to channel 50 and voila!
  • WORKS WITH YOUR HOME- singlecue connects to your existing devices including: TVs, cable boxes, home theaters, amplifiers, streamers such as Apple TV, Roku, Philips Hue, Nest Thermostat – and over 100K supported devices of all major brands.
  • CONTINUOUSLY EVOLVING – New gestures, features & compatible devices are automatically added to singlecue via over the air updates all the time.Read more..

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