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Seatylock : The One Best Way to Prevent Saddle Theft

A Bicycle SADDLE that quickly converts into a solid one meter bicycle LOCK. Fully compatible with any bike!. SEATYLOCK Comfort Heavy Duty Premium Secure Drill Resistant Anti-Theft Bicycle Hybrid Saddle Lock for Maximum Protection for your Bike, Smooth Saddle Ride.


Seatylock is a bicycle seat that quickly transforms into a one meter solid lock that enables you to lock your bike to an external fixed object.  It enables the rider to lock the bike to a fixed object. With Seatylock there’s no need for carrying a lock or worry about saddle theft. Fixed tightly to the seat post, it gives a hassle free ride and actually gives the sensation of riding without a lock.

Seatylock is a hybrid product combining a bicycle seat and a lock in one. Basically, it’s a powerful, folding bike lock featuring a unique structure that forms a seat. It connects to the bicycle’s seat post with a special universal adaptor. When mounted on top of the seat post it functions just as a normal bike seat. Following a few easy steps, it unfolds and turns into a one meter long lock.

Seatylock Features:

  • NO MORE STOLEN SADDLES – Since the saddle functions as the lock as well, saddle theft will be thing of past.
  • DRILL RESISTANT MATERIAL – All metal parts have been reinforced, helping to hinder the most creative thieves.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT MATERIAL – Whether rain, sleet, or snow, take comfort in knowing that your lock won’t be affected by the elements.
  • BUILT IN PART OF YOUR BIKE – Never deal with the hassle of a bulky lock again. Since it’s built into your bike, you’ll never leave home without it either.
  • COMES IN TWO SIZES: Comfort Saddle Width: 8.25 in. For a narrower seat, find our Trekking Saddle with width: 6.3 in

SeatylockSeatylock is a patent protected revolutionary product aimed at changing the lives of urban cyclists by providing them with a new level of convenience for secure bicycle locking.

It has a universal adaptor that enables easy compatibility with any standard bicycle.

It has an automotive standard cylinder enables more than one million different key variations for increased security and better anti-picking resistance

Seatylock has two basic models: Seatylock Trekking & Seatylock Comfort both saddles carefully chosen to fit different riding style and designed for the common & cool urban cyclists. Each model comes in a variety of designs, styles and colors.

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Price : $129

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