Scorpion 3 Flying Bike

Scorpion 3 Flying Bike

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Flying cars and bikes are nothing new. Lots of companies are working on manned drones capable of lifting and carrying humans. The Scorpion 3 Flying Bike from Hoversurf was recently tested in Moscow. It is a single-seat aircraft with a motorcycle seat that can lift a human and hover in the air.This hoverbike has safety features built-in to keep you protected.

Hoversurf have this week released the first footage of its new Hoverbike Scorpion-3 flying within a hanger. The short clip shows the quad copter hoverbike taking off, flying in a straight line and safely landing.

Watch the demonstration videos below to learn more and see the Hoverbike Scorpion-3 which is currently still under development and relies on both automated software controlled flight as well as full-manual control over the hoverbike.


Hover bike Scorpion 3 is an extreme sports machine for those who are not afraid of height and speed. The layout of Scorpion 3 is like of an ordinary motorcycle, but it can fly! Imagine – you can store it at home or in the garage, available anytime you want to use it. It’s really very cool.

In most countries, registration or a pilot’s license is not required when the aircraft weighs below 115 kg (250 lbs).

Scorpion 3 suits this  requirement. The weight of this hover bike is 104 kg (229 lbs) with its battery.


Range – 21 km* (13 mi)

The maximum speed is 70 km/h* (43 mph)

Flight time – 20 minutes (SD LiPo battery)*

Weight – 50 kg/110 lbs (without batteries)

Total weight – 104 kg/ 229 lbs (with batteries)

Batteries – 3 boxes with a handle, 18 kg/39 lbs each

Battery charging time – 3 hours

Battery replacement time – 1 min

Motors, controllers and other parts for the hoverbike are made manually by the company’s specialists. These are exclusive parts with a high level of reliability

Soon – HD-battery INR, flight time will be about 40 minutes

*All parameters depend on load, wear of parts and weather conditions.Read more..

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