Samsung’s new robots for home

Samsung’s new robots for home

Remember the Jetsons’ Rosie? To clean your home, to be your personal assistant and also to function as a surveillance camera, Samsung launches three new robots.

Two of the new robots are more futuristic, but one of Samsung’s new Bots, a robot vacuum which duplicates home monitoring devices, will become available in the United States this year.

Samsung robots for home

Without a few new Samsung robots, it wouldn’t be CES. The company unveiled three new bots to help gather objects around the house and serve as personal assistants at its virtual Press Conference on Monday. And in the first half of the year, in the USA, one of those, a smart vacuum, which also doubles as a safety camera.

vacuum in the JetBot 90 AI + samsung new robot for home

In comparison to previous press conferences at CES, Monday’s Samsung event centred on larger-scale technologies than hundreds of new ones. This included the value of AI for all products of Samsung, be it user-clear or background technology. Instead of the CEO of the company’s electronics market, Samsung research chief Sebastian Seung held a press conference.

Sebastian Seung

More than a personal assistant and accompaniment, the reworked Bot Treatment. With AI, he can “pick up all the little details of your life,” said Sebastian Seung, Head of Samsung Research during a chat. According to Bot Treatment, your conduct and notifications are understood and understandable. For instance, if it seems you were on your computer for too long, it will nag you to get up and stretch your legs. With its helpful built-in monitor, Bot Care can even patch you to conference calls.

Samsung tests certain robots at the moment and he did not say whether or when you would hit them. However, another computer showed that citizens of the United States could actually purchase during the first half of this year.

vacuum in the JetBot 90 AI +

The vacuum in the JetBot 90 AI + can be cleaned with LiDAR and threeD sensors. Samsung claims she can manoeuvre through cables and small items and get into your home’s challenging areas. It can be used by the camera and SmartThings integration as a home monitoring system.

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