Samsung’s back with The Frame TV

Samsung’s back with The Frame TV

Frame is back from Samsung’s design-aware TV for shoppers. And at just 24.9mm, the depth of a standard photo frame is smaller than ever before. New sizes are also available, up to 75 inches from 32 inches. Portrait mode also allows the 32- and 43-inch TVs to be focused.

The way it should be seen to appreciate colour. Discover famous works as seen in a gallery and watch films come to life on any scene with a truthful 100 percent colour volume and the daring contrast of Dual LEDs.

The Frame back tv


No Burn-in Display
Experience the exceptional consistency over the years
Quantum dots reliably produce bright and vibrant quality of picture for years. Inorganic material. This does not mean the show burns out over time, and with time, the incredible colours and details you see today will remain the same.

upgrade to 4K 4K AI upgrade What you want
4K AI upscape uses the powerful Quantum Processor, analysing the input source automatically to minimise image sound, restore missing information, and define object and texting edges. You can now get images with 4K resolution and sound irrespective of the source.

REAL_frame of back tv

Hangs like a
real frame

Wall-Mount No Void
The frame is flush with the wall. It fuses perfectly from
Any perspective and helps to pull the interior design together.

*There might be a disparity between the installation and the wall form from the rear end of the TV.
*To prevent 100% flat wall or to the floor or to be mounted improperly, there might be a slight gap between walls and TV.
* The current angle can differ depending on the size of the product.

  • Cleans up
    your space

    One Invisible Connection

    No more unsightly mess of wires. The One Invisible Connection
    lets The Frame become a seamless part of your interior design by
    connecting it to the cables hidden away in the One Connect Box.

    *Device must be connected to One Connect Box
    *Compatible devices only.

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