Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 release date

Galaxy S21 as Samsung announced that for Jan. 14, at 10:00, a new unpacked event will be held. EST/7 AM EST/7 AM PST. – PST. The event is going to take place online. This confirms the reports of the date of launch.


Although other sources said they will be Jan 29 as to when we should be able to actually purchase the phones, Android Authority forecasts Jan 22 release date. However, the Galaxy S21 is expected by the end of the month.

Samsung Galaxy S21 price

In the $700 to $750 range, Samsung has made a gamble in the Galaxy S20 by not offering a cheaper Galaxy S20e. The Galaxy S20’s lowest expense was $999, instead.

S21 models may be more economical than their predecessors has been suggested by Leaker Max Weinbach. But TechQuila noted that the prices will start in the same spread as previously, suggesting we will look at the entry level model for S21 $999 / £899 / AU$1.499.

 S21 cameras

In the background of the camera arrays, the cameras of the Galaxy S21 are essentially like those we saw on the Galaxy S20, though with some significant changes to the highest quality model.


The S21 Galaxy and S21 Plus again feature three-photo cameras in their rear, a 12MP ultra large sensor, a 12MP main sensor and a 64MP telephoto lens. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s highest-end offers a new 3x optical photometer sensor and a super 10x optical “super” photometer, a 2nd generation version of the 108MP sensor used in the S21 Ultra and Note 21 Ultra.

The effect should be a major zoom bump. And Samsung will put 100X Space Zoom back, using the S21 Ultra to prevent some of last year’s focus issues, according to Android Police.

The company’s promising “super-intelligent, pro-grade camera and video capabilities in 2021,” based on a TM Roh post, Samsung’s president.

 S21 battery

The S21 leaks indicate little improvement in battery capacity of your phone, at least compared to the Galaxy S models last year.

A 4,000 mAh battery is projected to be the same size as the  S20 power pack. The 5000 mAh of the battery contained in the S20 Ultra shall also be held by the S21 Ultra. Only the S21 Plus receives a battery charge, compared to the Galaxy S21 Plus with a maximum of 4,800 mAh


However the  S21 is supposed to deliver longer battery life considering the similarly large batteries than its previous battery. One major trigger is that Samsung has rumoured in his new phone to turn to an FHD+ display. The S21 could have as many battery lives as two hours longer than the S20. That will not draw as much electricity.

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