Samsung AirDresser

Samsung AirDresser

Samsung Electronics today announced the worldwide launch of its innovative Samsung AirDresser in markets around the world, inclusive of the U.K. And Russia. Samsung’s modern-day home innovation makes use of effective air and steam to take away dust and germs, fresh and sanitizing clothes to provide clean and handy garment care.

Samsung is another time elevating modern life by way of transforming how we care for our clothes at home, giving purchasers extra freedom to spend their time doing things they need to do,” stated Jennifer Song, Vice President of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “AirDresser is Samsung’s reaction to patron demand for more dynamic performance from even primary appliances, imparting a smooth and effective home solution to meet their desires for easy garments that odor fresh, are germ-free and look neat.”

Refreshes Your Clothes Thoroughly

Once a garment is hung inside the unit, the consumer can initiate the cycle and without a doubt look forward to the gadget to run its course: The Jet Air and Air Hangers release effective air to loosen and dispose of engrained dust, with best minimal noise and vibration, quiet sufficient for anywhere within the home, which includes the bedroom.

Then, the JetSteam sanitizes the clothes to put off the bacteria, viruses, and allergens.* Infusing high-temperature steam deep into the fabric, JetSteam is the perfect device for recurring sterilization of garments and plenty of other household objects such as linen and tender toys.

Samsung AirDresser additionally makes use of its Deodorizing Filter characteristic to freshen garments, breaking down the odor-causing particles resulting from sweat, tobacco, and food, at the same time as stopping ugly smells from building up within the unit. Meanwhile, the Self Clean generation dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the indoors of the AirDresser without requiring harsh or costly detergents by cleaning with an aggregate of warmth, air, and steam. It even notifies users every time it needs cleaning every 40 cycles.

Grooms Your Wardrobe Well

AirDresser additionally ensures garments are groomed lightly, increasing their lifespan through helping customers keep away from washing their favorite gadgets too frequently, which can cause damage to the sensitive fabric. Heatpump Drying lightly dries clothes at a low temperature, minimizing warmth harm and shrinkage. And with Wrinkle Care, the Samsung AirDresser can easily out wrinkles without ironing by means of using a mixture of steam and air to loosen up the garments.

AirDresser also can take care of delicate substances such as fur, which generally requires expert service. Fur care dehumidifies 90% of the moisture trapped in fur, which will increase its quantity by 78% and helps preserve its authentic condition, as a result extending its lifespan.** As a result, it may hold a wide range of objects product of fur, which includes coats, wraps, or shawls, searching their great for a lot longer.

The unit even keeps garments out of doors the unit to stay in most reliable conditions. The Dehumidification feature draws in air from the room, extracting moisture even as pushing out dry air.

Saves You Time and Money

AirDresser can also save clients money and time whilst they comprise it into their everyday routines. For example, running a complete washer-and-dryer process with simply one or two gadgets according to load or going to the dry cleaners frequently isn’t time or cost-efficient. So, the usage of the JetSteam to sanitize and deodorize your garments for a fast refresh makes sense. And with Jet Air and Air Hangers capable of quickly get rid of dirt off of clothes, you may confidently re-wear outfits without traumatic about horrific odors or hygiene. Heatpump Drying additionally reduces drying time with an extra effective heat transfer method.

And with the AI-powered competencies that SmartThings gives, you can enjoy better apparel care and simpler maintenance. Home Care Wizard remotely identifies issues and provides a troubleshooting service, whilst My Closet shops details of your garments and suggests the best publications for them.

Enrich Your Day-to-Day

Combining the era with the current design, AirDresser gives a sleek frame that blends perfectly in any present-day residing space. In Quiet Mode, AirDresser can be run overnight without annoying sleep, and, for brought convenience, it capabilities portable water boxes for steam on the bottom, so it doesn’t require a water supply or drainage gadget. This additional manner the unit can without difficulty be installed everywhere most suitable for the person. AirDresser lets clients refresh their clothes every day in the comfort of their own domestic.

Samsung AirDresser

Steam clean


What germs? Get tops, tea towels, and toys cleaner than clean with JetSteam. Blasting hot steam through its bespoke clothes hangers, it tackles those lingering odors, unwanted smells, and hidden gems. It’s the perfect way to refresh the laundry between washes.

Deodorising filter

Deodorize inside & keep clothes fresh

Deodorising filter

Here’s a real breath of fresh air. AirDresser’s Deodorising Filter works wonders on those stubborn lingering smells that build up over time!

Heat Pump Drying

Gently dry clothes at low temperature

Heat Pump Drying

No more risking your delicates in the dryer, or waiting endlessly for your rain-soaked coat to dry. AirDresser’s HeatPump Drying uses cooler temperatures to dry clothes gently and quickly – reducing damage and shrinkage!

Wrinkle Care

Fewer wrinkles and less time ironing

Wrinkle Care

That giant laundry pile won’t iron itself. But you can certainly speed it up, with Samsung AirDresser’s steam and weight kit and Wrinkle Care system smoothing out creases you never used to see the end of.

Samsung AirDresser

Be blown away

Jet Air + Air Hanger

No need to get hung up about your clothes gathering dust. The mighty Jet Air system and Air Hangers blow even the most stubborn dust and odors from your garments – inside and out. Better still, it’s so quiet, even a baby can sleep through the whole process.

Jet Air + Air Hanger

Loads smarter


Looking after your wardrobe just got smarter thanks to the SmartThings app*. From suggesting the best cleaning cycles to storing details of your garments, you can do it all on the app.

Samsung AirDresser

Better clothing care with less humidity


Taking care of your clothes shouldn’t be a hassle. When the door is open, the Samsung AirDresser doubles up as a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air. Making it easy to keep your clothes protected and smelling fresh.

Samsung AirDresser

Ditch the rubber gloves

Self Clean

Samsung AirDresser not only cleans your clothes brilliantly but cleans itself too. Heat, air, and steam do away with germs and odors, keeping it performing at its best. And to make life even easier, it reminds you after 40 cycles when it needs doing.

Samsung AirDresser

Enjoy the Silence

Soft Closing Door

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Like AirDresser’s Soft Closing Door. It closes safely, gently and silently. So no more loud slamming or trapping fingers.

  • Drying Capacity
    • CapacityJacket 3 + Pants 3
  • Design
    • DoorCrystal Mirror
    • Panel DisplayTouch + LCD
  • Performance
    • Motor Spec (HP)Digital Inverter Motor
    • CompressorDigital Inverter Compressor
    • Refrigerant (Type)R134a
  • Feature
    • JetSteamYes
    • Deodorizing Filter Yes
    • Heatpump Drying Yes
    • Wrinkle CareYes
    • Soft ClosingYes
    • Smart ControlYes
    • AirHanger3
    • Hanger Kit1
    • Weight Kit1
  • Cycle
    • Normal Yes
    • Quick Yes
    • SanitizeYes
    • DelicatesYes
    • DrySensor Dry, Time Dry, Room Care
    • SpecialSuits, School Uniform, Winter Coat, Wool/Knit, Outdoor, Down Jackets, Fur/Leather, Heavy Duty, Self Clean
    • Download+Denim, Down Dry, Accessories, Babywear, Bedding, Toys
  • Physical specification
    • Net Dimension (WxHxD)445 x 1850 x 615 mm
    • Net Weight89 kg
    • Gross Dimension (WxHxD)515 x 1950 x 745 mm
    • Gross Weight97 kg

Price: £1,999.00

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