SALT- World’s Best Non-Lethal pepper spray Gun for Self-Defence

Pepper Spray Gun

SALT is a non-lethal gun, but incredibly effective, armed with small spherical pellets designed to stop home intruder without injuring him. It aimed for home protection and self-defense without having a deadly outcome. Unlike other guns available in the market which use gunpowder/bullets, SALT uses pepper powder and CO2. The gun is designed under the idea that killing a life to save a life is not so wise. That’s the idea which persuaded Adam Kennedy to develop a gun necessary to disable an intruder without lethal result.


Easy to handle:

The SALT is somewhat like the paintball aero-soft gun. It is very convenient and safe to use even by the children. Especially the people who fear the risk and not confident of using of a real firearm, can fire the SALT gun without any danger because it retains a very less blow-back.

No license required:

As the SALT gun doesn’t use any dangerous chemical or gunpowder so it does not require any official gun regulation or weapon license.

How it works?

The SALT is a weapon that seems like an ordinary fire-gun but it is more similar to pepper spray.


Actually the Pepper gun does not have only pepper powder in it but the pellet is composed of a mixture of chemicals. These chemicals include capsicum and oleo-resin etc. however the founders claim that their mixture is more effective than the powder used in similar devices used by Homeland Security Department.


Unlike traditional fire-guns SALT does not use any explosive to fire the pellets. Instead it uses carbon dioxide gas to expel the pepper pellets just as in the aero-soft guns.

Demo video:

How to use?

Pepper gun does not oblige any expertise to fire it. Even the user is not required to hit the target for full affect. Instead you may fire it anywhere in the neighborhood of the target. The pellet explodes just on contact and creates a protective cloud in a region of approximately 4 to 5 meter. It blocks the intruder causing temporary blindness, lung contraction and serious itching on the exposed body parts. It affects the target for about 30 min and during this the user may reach the safe place or can easily contact to the authorities. The effective range of the SALT gun is about 150 ft.

For example if someone is trying to enter the door, just fire the pepper pellet at/near the door. The expelled gases will envelop the target and it will certainly help you for your self-defense. Other uses depend upon your imagination. One may use it for keeping an annoying dog away from you.

Don’t forget about this:

No doubt the SALT gun is very handy and non-lethal but despite this the gun may hurt (burn) if someone is hit directly with it. In this way it is not feasible for children. The gases evolved if inhaled for longer time may cause death.


The gun looks like the customary gun and is enough large to conceal it with you under your clothes or in a bag. So there is a chance that someone or police may call it violence.


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