Rumple’s Puffe: A Portable, Electric Blanket for Outdoors

World’s first class portable electric blanket

Over a large era there was no progress in the field of blankets. Finally the invention of Rumple’s Puffe made an advance in this field by the collaboration of three companies. Puffe is light weight, synthetic filled, heated electric blanket. It is almost the first battery powered warm blanket of its type.

It is available in two versions;

  • Natural Down fill
  • Synthetic fill

More Two colors are available:

1. Moss Green                                                                                    2.  Charcoal Gray

Moss GreenCharcoal Gray

Puffe – more than a blanket:

During winter whenever you go out-door for travelling, camping or on a survival you certainly need to keep yourself warm. Even on a sunny day, in summer, the temperature at night considerably falls down than the normal temperature. In such a situation Puffe blanket is the best companion. Puffe is designed with following basic feature:

  • Instant warmth
  • Water resistant
  • Temperature control
  • Light weight
  • Washable with machine
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Smartphone charger
  • Flash light

The Rumple’s Puffe is a blending of three advanced technologies by three famous companies Rumple, Ravean and Power Practical. Rumple is famous for its quality blankets and Ravean for best heating technology while the Power Practical for advance battery technology. The combination of all the three technologies, quality material, best heating technology and advance battery charging, especially makes Puffe the world’s first class portable electric blanket

Manufacturing material:

The blanket is made of high performance materials like the one used in premium quality inflated jackets and sleeping bags. However the outer envelope of the blanket is made with 20D Nylon which is durable as well as water resistant.

Heating system in electric blanket:

The blanket is heated up in seconds with the best carbon heating system. This innovative system is resilient and does not lose conductivity until cut with a knife. Moreover the system is reliable and safe as it is made of plastic instead of metal. So there is no chance of being in contact with hot wires. The whole wiring is suppressed between two constructions rendering the heating system completely invisible. The temperature of the blanket can be controlled manually and may set from normal through moderate to high.

Power and Charging:

The battery can keep your blanket warm up-to 10 hours if set at low-heating, 6 hours for medium and 4 hour on high-heat setting. Once the battery is discharged, it can be fully charged in 90 minutes.

Size and Weight:

There are two versions of the Puffe blanket named as “natural down” and “synthetic fill”. Both versions have dimensions of 54”x 80” when left open and can easily cover the tallest person. Down version weighs about 2.1 lb. while the synthetic version weighs 3.14 lb. The Down version can be stored in a 6 x 12” pack while the synthetic version requires an 8 x 16” packing bag.

Size and Weight

Suitable Survival tool:

Rumple’s Puffy is critical survival tool and therefore it must be included in the survival kit due to its multi advantage use. The battery powered blanket is able to charge your smartphone. If once charged completely, it can recharge your mobile phone three times.

Want to buy?

If you are keen to buy this portable electric blanket you have to wait until the company announces the home delivery that is expected to be in July 2017. The price will be $250.

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